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  • How Cool are you?
    [published: Sep 17, 2017, 2 comments]

    "Bread is like dressed, hats and shoes -- in other words, essential! " -Emily Post "There are people in the…

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  • "My thumb is double jointed and I can move the right side of my top lip more than the left side"
  • Opinions
    "There was a time when electricity didn't exist. People dealt with it then. Why do a lot now feel suddenly privileged? That stat"
  • hm
    "That one's kinda hot"
  • hm
    "I mean That's better than shrek"
  • hm
    "Right but seth Rogen is "canadian" and Canada isn't real so thank u, next"
  • hm
    "Not true U r the best seth and everyone here agrees"
  • hm
    "But yes!!! I'm very very very very excited to see himmmm"
  • hm
    "*December X)"
  • hm
    "I was in the shower :("
  • I feel good!
    "It's real! They're the new Pokémon games, revealed a couple days ago Here are the starters: "
  • McDonalds or subway?
    "There's nothing wrong with getting fast food occasionally"
  • McDonalds or subway?
    "Wow, imagine trying to tell someone you hardly know how to live their life The only losers here are the people getting mad at "
  • McDonalds or subway?
    "That sohnds really good, I'm definitely going to get them next time I go to McDonald's"
  • McDonalds or subway?
    "I was about to say I would recommend subway, it's probably one of my favorite fast food places Also McDonald’s has mozzarella "
  • McDonalds or subway?
    "It's so annoying people like you can't talk too much"

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