What Dog Breed are You?

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From hundreds of breeds of dogs, which one are you? This quiz only features five of them, but these dogs are as widely spread as I could in personality. Dogs are amazing animals - no one can deny that.

But, what dog breed are you? Everyone has wondered from time to time. And I bet there are a lot of great quizzes out there asking the same thing. Well, try this one out - it may just have better results. What are you waiting for? Let's get started!

Created by: Animal Xpert
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  1. (In this quiz, you play the role of a dog) Your owner is trying to train you how to "Sit". Are you easy to train?
  2. Next comes "Lie Down". Exuberant?
  3. After the training, your owner reaches for the leash. Your reaction?
  4. As you two walk out the door, a duck lands in the pond by the house. Chase it?
  5. The duck flies off, and your owner pulls the leash. When you are halfway through the walk, you spot another dog walker. The owners stop and chat, leaving you and the mixed breed to sniff each other. What do you say?
  6. The dog sniffs you back. "Hello. My name's Bingo." The tiny mutt sits down and scratches an ear. Suddenly, he springs up and play bows. Will you play with him?
  7. When your owners tug you away from each other - unless you didn't care - and you reach home, what's your first impulse?
  8. The cat's fast asleep in the cat tree - out of reach. And the crate? Can't find it! Now what?
  9. After awhile, the owner takes out the Frisbee.
  10. After the game, are you tired?

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