what dog breed is right for you and your life style

hey dogs are good companians and i believe everybody should have atleast one but i own four so one wouldnt hurt that much many dogs are good for farms,familys,or give a job and they will do that job!

In this quiz you will find out what type of dog breeds are right for you. you dont need smarts or need stupidness you just need to no yourself once your done you know what dog breeds are right for you

Created by: dog lover
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you energetic and active?
  2. how socialable are you
  3. how strong are you compared to people your age?
  4. do you get angry?
  5. do you have any kids?
  6. what do you live in?
  7. what other animals do you have in your house?
  8. how is your house condition?
  9. How much spare time do you have
  10. do you want a dog considered good for allergies

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Quiz topic: What dog breed is right for you and my life style