What dog breed are you? (real results)

There are many breeds of dogs in the world! Dont take this quiz if you dont know half of there names because theres 4 breeds of dogs in here . So a few questions..

Do you know what breed of dog you are? Is it the friendly Golden retriever? Or the Truthful bulldog? or maybe the multi- expression dalmatian? or the shy Chiuaua?? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: nalac111
  1. You are sitting in a restaurant and a man comes to your table and asks you were are the washrooms for some reason..you..
  2. You are playing a video game and you are at level 99 when suddenly your brother takes out the plug and you loose evreything what is your reaction?
  3. You are looking for a HD tv... when suddenly you see one and run for it at the same time another person comes for it!what do you do?
  4. You are in the movies and right in the middle of the movie a kid spills his drink on you ! You...
  5. Your sister steals your favorite jewelery piece and breaks it you..
  6. Your sitting on the couch very comfterbully when suddenly you want to open the TV but the remote is on the floor 2 meters away from you..
  7. Your BFF invited another girl instead of..YOU to see a movie
  8. Whats your favorite dog?
  9. So the quiz is almost finished.. How did you like it?
  10. So bye!

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Quiz topic: What dog breed am I? (real results)