Are You A Shopaholic?

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Shopping: Do you LOVE it or LOATHE it? Do you have a secret shopping addiction? Some people have a real difficulty in controlling their urges to go shopping and buy things. Find out if you are a 'shopaholic' by taking this quiz!

The results from this quiz are from the real screening questionnaire (the 'Compulsive Buying Scale' by D'Astous & Fortier) used by psychologists and researchers. Based on your results you may find out whether you have a real problem or not...

Created by: Dr Stu of Dr Stu's Science Blog
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  1. When I have money, I cannot help but spend part or all of it.
  2. I am often impulsive in my buying behavior.
  3. For me, shopping is a way of facing the stress of my daily life and relaxing.
  4. I sometimes feel that something inside pushed me to go shopping.
  5. There are times when I have a strong urge to buy.
  6. At times, I have felt somewhat guilty after buying a product, because it seemed unreasonable.
  7. There are some things I buy that I do not show to anybody for fear of being perceived as irrational in my buying behavior.
  8. I often have an unexplainable urge, a sudden and spontaneous desire, to go and buy something.
  9. As soon as I enter a shopping center or mall, I have an irresistible urge to go into a shop and buy something.
  10. I am one of those people who often respond to direct mail offers.
  11. I have often bought a product that I did not need, while knowing that I have very little money left.
  12. I am a spendthrift.
  13. I have sometimes thought "If I had to do it over again, I would..." and felt sorry for something I have done or said.

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