Should You Be Able To Date?

This test was created so you can understand yourself a lot better and it tells you how well you can handle a real relationship. Relationships are difficult, but they can be easier, depending on the type of person you are. This will give you that heads up.

A lot of these questions are trick questions, so choose wisely and with great truth, or you wont get the results you are looking for. Trust me, if you lie, you will only push yourself farther away from knowing the truth and understanding yourself. Now don't go "I don't care about what the results are after this test" That means that you don't care and that you will never understand what real love is, in other words, you shouldn't have to take this test because you just gave yourself the results of the test. Learn from that mistake and you will be happy and find a real relationship.

Created by: Jennifer

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  1. What part of your life is the most organized?
  2. How many past relationships have you had?
  3. When you see someone you know upset, what is your first reaction? You don't think of this reaction, you just do it?
  4. Would you do everything in your power to make your friend happy?
  5. When it comes to helping, in what way do you help?
  6. Is your religion based on helping and caring about everyone and everything? OR! Do you help and care about everything and everyone?
  7. As a child, have you ever had to be the parent of "YOUR PARENTS"?
  8. Do you spend more time...
  9. What kind of things do you find fun?
  10. Do you listen to a higher power? Does not mean god, it means a boss, adult, etc.

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Quiz topic: Should I Be Able To Date?