Which C/Katherine would you most likely end up with?

The game Catherine was released in February 2011 to various gaming platforms. It is a platform and adventure game with some dating simulator elements, with the two main girls Katherine and Catherine. Which girl would you end up with?

Please note that this may not be completely accurate. If you really want to know which girl you would end up with, you should play the game yourself! Disclaimer: The game Catherine belongs to its rightful owners, whom I am in no way involved with. Enjoy!

Created by: RainInTheShadows
  1. Do you prefer a peaceful or exciting life?
  2. Which is a better life?
  3. Do you prefer being in quiet or loud places?
  4. In a crowd, you would rather....
  5. Is it okay to live with your lover without any intention of marrying them?
  6. Prefer an older or younger partner?
  7. You must kiss one of these....
  8. Do you look for looks or mind in a potential mate?
  9. Is age just a number!
  10. How does life with no responsibility sound?
  11. Do you spend money on fads?
  12. You get a call from someone you hate. Do you....
  13. If your lover was good friends with somebody, it would...
  14. If you were suddenly naked in public, where would you hide?
  15. Do you wish for the excitement of Chaos?
  16. Is age just a number?
  17. Would you date somebody who was already married?
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