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  • what is it like on here?
    "I'll be honest here, everything about this place is pure unadulterated Hell. Have fun."
  • Shut up
    "Hey, Keyboard! I just want to let you know that nobody was trying to single you out or attack you. Simply put, the moderators w"
  • Hey guys!!
  • TBH Quiz
  • Mod Introductions + Q&A
    "my fav anime character is elsa from frozen e im in lvoe with her"
  • ello
    "i did it again, accidentally used an rp again this is it im kms anyway yeah you're a toddler"
  • ello
    "It feels that way at first, but once you get through with it you'll be fine. It's very scary. But honestly, my life didn't even start until ..."
  • ello
    "Ye, I'm grown. I can drive. I can take out loans. Not much beyond that. You excited to be a senior?"
  • ello
    "accidentally posted in an rp account fml orz anyway yeah im 19 now, just finished my first year of college. glad y'all ar"
  • ello
    "That's not good. I hope she recovers soon. Is she at home or in the hospital? I've been fine. Had to move in with my dad over the summ"
  • ello
    "Yep I'm still Seth, still he/him. How you handling the plague?"
  • ello
    "What's up? And, pardon me for asking, but what name and pronouns do you currently use?"
  • The Recipe Book
    "Toast with butter (or peanut butter) spread on it, a mixture of equal parts sugar and cinnamon sprinkled all over. A perfect l"
  • Rock Block
    "I used to be a huge Escape the Fate fan 👍 how do you feel about Falling In Reverse?"
  • What's GTQ Guys email?
    "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa late post >:| glad you got your account back though"

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