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  • hm
    "I watch one crafty youtube video and youtube decides to waterboard me with makeup ads"
  • Komaeda has arrived
    "post picturessss"
  • hm
    "https://youtu.be/EN5tgkoSKFU ^hands down my FAVOURITE music in the ga"
  • hm
    "Final Fantasy IX's soundtrack is a f---ing BOP"
  • hm
    "Jonathon read it but he's too nice to me"
  • hm
    "I wrote a 6 page research paper for my English paper and I'm having trouble getting people to actually peer review it for me :( I think the ..."
  • "why stress yourself out that early? you shouldn't worry about it yet"
  • hm
    "my Poppy said he wants me to have this beautiful music box he got when he was in Germany because he knows I will take good care of it, since..."
  • hm
    "I look cute today who am I kidding, I look cute every day"
  • Gotoquiz job / roles
    "Username: RainInTheShadows Name: Seth Job: Seth"
  • hm
    "I'm better in a lot of ways but also with everything that's going on with my dad I don't really know what to do I feel really overwhel"
  • exhausted
    "last night my dad got mad at me and threw our table across the living room, splitting it into three pieces and breaking a gift my sister got..."
  • "I like to do my work in cursive and sometimes I make it purposely messy in hopes that the teacher might not be able to read it and will just..."
  • "opened up my PS2 to reveal a nest of dead roaches that have probably been there since we received it since we've never had roaches it "
  • hm
    "I have determined that I am NOT a theatre person Hamlet is one of the most boring things I have ever read. they never stop talking"

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