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  • fucking depressed
    "please commit toaster bathtub"
  • fucking depressed
  • Boys vs Girls
    "I meant f---ing gay not f---ing a gay but either way works"
  • Boys vs Girls
    "is that why you're f---ing a g a y , Bread?"
  • F
  • "when Hatena went down I went on a website that was meant to replace it and "dated" a girl there with umbreon in her name but never "broke up..."
  • tired
    "Hell yeah"
  • tired
    "fire alarms went off at 5 am so my sleep was interrupted and I feel so incredibly tired my next class starts in a few minutes but the "
  • "Thank you ♥♥♥ Thanks, I like to think I'm doing pretty well Yeah me too lmao"
  • "I was an active member of GoToQuiz during some of the most horrifying years of my life. When I joined the forums, I was 12 years old. "
  • "sometimes I'll put the soggy food pieces in my pants"
  • I'm so tired
    "I'm not a bad student, I'm just sick. Really sick. This f---ing professor acting like everything revolves around her class. I'm f---ing tryi..."
  • "Me too. Thought it was just my uni's s---ty internet but every other website works fine"
  • I'm so tired
    "You're already here so I guess it was too late anyway"
  • I'm so tired
    "so I'm in disability services, right? talking to the lady about my illness (she keeps referring to it as a disability which makes me sad but..."

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