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  • "when I could vent in my thread about incredibly personal stuff and not feel bad or stupid afterwards"
  • ""omgggg he's so woooke" is this what children are like nowadays"
  • Wth
    "I feel dirty after taking that quiz"
  • "60% lmao I guessed on most of them"
    "at the tax law firm I sent my resume to!!! :) I don't want to get my hopes up too much because I'm so socially awkward I'm liable to bomb it..."
  • thread topic
    "idk hi everyone :)"
  • I am now a certified ALP
    "Thanks everybody. :) I'm excited to share more of my achievements later on as I begin University in August and start working towards my Lega..."
  • I am now a certified ALP
    "edited to block out my birth name: ALP stands for Accred"
  • "I was thinking about killing myself that night actually but I'm all right now I accidentally skipped my meds and that's what happens"
  • Im genuinely curious
    "I'm not here for an argument and that comparison was to illustrate the lack of depth to my belief even as an impressionable child. Do not tr..."
  • "flaky and covered in oil hahaha no but seriously I want to f---ing die"
  • Im genuinely curious
    "No religion. I value humanity far more than I value my own comfort. I was raised Presbyterian and grew up heavily involved in the church but..."
  • "hey this is late but dude I LOVE yandere in real life they're terrible ofc but in anime I just can't get enough there's a lot of"
  • Appreciation thread
    " :o) "
  • whyy is talking so hard
    "I gotta exert so much damn energy to keep a conversation going but why I can't even make friends online wtffffffff is WRONG with meee"

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