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  • "mine was a yahoo account my dad made for me when I was 10 so I could sign up for Poptropica and hasn't been used since I made this account"
  • "Of course they do, that's why every now and then you get random "oldfags" (as they were once called) visiting the website years later expect..."
  • "That's the thing, they didnt need to show us it wasn't real in such an explicit manner. They should have done it more subtly, more intellige..."
  • "The only thing I wish they did was be less explicit. It's like they spelt put every plot point because they we're afraidthe audience wouldn'..."
  • no cap
    "idk I'm learning it all from my little sister and tiktok"
  • no cap
    "and thats on period"
  • this is boss baby
    "both of them. I know because you literally posted the passwords on a PUBLIC forum to try to give them to two different people. mistake #1. l..."
  • this is boss baby
    "you gave your other account away remember? nobody stole it. try to keep up with your own posts"
  • ass ass
  • fucking depressed
    "please commit toaster bathtub"
  • fucking depressed
  • Boys vs Girls
    "I meant f---ing gay not f---ing a gay but either way works"
  • Boys vs Girls
    "is that why you're f---ing a g a y , Bread?"
  • F
  • "when Hatena went down I went on a website that was meant to replace it and "dated" a girl there with umbreon in her name but never "broke up..."

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