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  • "It is awesome!! I'm very excited."
  • "it's at a law firm luckily, my tech school does mock interviews to help its students so if I get an interview I'll likely make an appo"
  • "guys I'm so nervous I've never sent a resume before and I've never had so much as an entry-level job the only other experience I"
  • "His lyrics only hint at some kind of "deeper meaning" but lack any sort of meaningful thought behind them so they end up falling flat..."
  • "GTQ Guy is a thot"
  • Art By Me
    "Oh I should also let y'all know that there's a whole bunch of cringey s--- on my Deviantart from when I was a middle schooler and a freshman..."
  • Art By Me
    "I've started taking up digital art it isn't something I'm very serious about but I am hoping to open up commissions this summer to ear"
  • should I tell my teacher
    "I got a perfect score on this timed writing (an essay you have to write within the hour using a prompt you're seeing for the first time)..."
  • "in fact, comic books have, historically, always had quite the influence on politics of the time. ..."
  • "if you think politics haven't always been HEAVILY involved in comic book heroes you are sorely mistaken, my friend "
  • "\_(ツ)_/"
  • "and I mean shoving that finger knuckle deep in his nostril, pulling it out, and then putting the finger with his boogers into his mouth and ..."
  • hm
    "holy heck this is so cute I'm gonna sk my dad to take me to Walmart tonight and de"
  • hm
    "my favourite Rh..."
  • hm
    "My son, let my voice fill this room one more time, Rehearse this line by line, Until I'm out of time."

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