Which member of my clan are you?

Hey guys! Welcome to my first quiz! This quiz will tell you which member of my clan (Streamclan) you are, and a little about your personality as a cat.

Are you capable of being a leader or deputy? Are you a noble warrior? Perhaps you have a little more to learn and are just an apprentice for now. Whatever you get, enjoy the quiz!

Created by: Leopardstream
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  1. You see a Leafclan kit, lost in the forest! What do you do?
  2. You are hunting in the forest when a Leafclan patrol attacks you, even though you are in Streamclan territory.
  3. You are out with an apprentice and you send them out on a solo mission. Where do you send them?
  4. You are patrolling the edge of the forest, near the Twolegplace. Suddenly, a kittypet comes over to you and says, "Can I join your clan?"
  5. I have the information I need. You can just click the submit button now; the rest of the questions have no effect.
  6. ok
  7. ok
  8. Meow.
  9. bjsdddddbsj,webjd
  10. Ok last question! Comment and rate?

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Quiz topic: Which member of my clan am I?