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  • I need friends
    "Dude, I haven't been on for ages."
  • I need friends
    "I'm back"
  • I need friends
    "Anyone here "
  • I need friends
    "Anyways I need help building on a minecraft server... If anyone sees this within 2 hours, look on my recent posts for Does anyone have a Min..."
  • I need friends
    "Sorry bout this, mum keeps dragging me off to do stuff..."
  • I need friends
    "I can't tell when people are being sarcastic online "
  • I need friends
    "I feel so lonely rn "
  • I need friends
    "And I just got a profile pic yay!"
  • I need friends
    "Hi guys sorry for late post Kalafina that means u are pretty much similar to me... In my online rpgs that i play with my friend"
  • I need friends
    "Just released my first quiz! I'm making a shout out quiz soon, so all the quiz takers get a shout out!"
  • I need friends
    "Anyone here?"
  • Et tu, Brute?
    "RainInTheShadows, are you here? Thanks for your support on The Front Porch. I also came because I have sympathy fo"
  • I need friends
    "I'm back and I got no help whatsoever on my build"
  • "Ok im back on the server"
  • "And tell me ur username. I'm just disconnected right now, i will tell u when i get back on."

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