A few more shout outs|2020|

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This is another list I shout outs I'm tired of saying words some I'm just gonna junk talk on the rest of the paragraphs.

Created by: Unicornkat
  1. First goes to neonspectere! Your such a funny person that I really wanted you to get noticed! Congrats!
  2. Next, Keyboard! You are nice and loving and I also missed you when you were gone so congrats to you!
  3. Congrats clarke! You are nice and love to take people's quizzes and just a great person that should be noticed!
  4. Up next, revlez! First of all, I luv that pfp and I just think you are a lot like ashl3y and he was on my last shout out. so I'm noticing you on this one!
  5. Next, le1f! I luv your humor of leaves and your nice to everyone! Congrats!
  6. Let's hear it for sugargirl! You are a nice up going and great person I feel should be noticed! Congrats!
  7. Last of all, rainintheshadows! Your a very funny person and nice and I think needs to be noticed! Congrats!
  8. Did you think I was done?
  9. I am done.
  10. Ok bye

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