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Hey I'm just giving a shout out to all of my friends. If you were left out I'm sorry but I made a thread for people that wanted me to mention them so sorry but uh yeah.

Oh and I need 150 words I think so I'm just gonna say hi how are you doing today??? Ugh I still need more stuff bro when will this ever endddd But like for real guys I love you all

Created by: katnisseverdeen1
  1. First shout out goes to... Keyboard_Cousin!!! (Aka Eggaly!!!) Dude you are so cool, I love the vibes you bring to this place. Keep it up!
  2. Next one goes to... DragonsFire!!! Dragon you are so cool. You were the first person that ever talked to me on gtq, and made me feel welcome to the place. You also have managed to embarrass me on this website more than anyone else, so congrats XD
  3. Now we are going to say congrats to... Jayfeather310! Jay, I haven't talked to you that much, but you are super sweet and really pretty. I love how you are so confident with everything you say and do. You go girl!!
  4. Keyboard!!! I love how open you are and how much fun you bring to gtq. I'm not joking when I say that gtq would NOT be the same place without you. I love you girl, and I hope that things work out with you and Jones!
  5. Next shoutout goes to SprinkledSpice! Spice, I know we haven't talked a whole ton, but I do know that you are so super cool and so super nice. I love hanging out with you around here. You're awesome!
  6. Lastly, I would like to give a shoutout to Jeeshan! Jeeshan I don't know you very well either but you seem like you are pretty chill. I love all your quizzes lol but for real tho you are pretty great. I would love to talk even more so.. yeah! Keep being your awesome self!
  7. Well, that's all. One more big clap for everyone!!!
  8. And uh... I actually don't care for rates or comments on this quiz but you can if you want
  9. Okay I just need 2 more questions bro

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