shout out quiz first one

This is my First shout out Quiz for today and if you are not in it then you will have to wait next time or you can just tell me if you want to be in the next One.

Remember this is my First shout out quiz for today.if i had put you in this Quiz then please Remember this is the First shout out quiz i have Made.if you are not in here i am Sorry.

Created by: flamingwolf

  1. Okay this is my First shout out Quiz that i am Doing.if you are not in this One than maybe you'll be in another one soon.
  2. Okay so the First Person i am going to do a shout out to is unloving a.k.a Eva. Eva you are the First Person that i had meet on gtq and my are always very humorous and keep me know everything about me and that makes you a true friend.
  3. Alek-you are the Main Person that sometimes make me laugh and you can be helpful at times but you can be a little of a idiot (Sorry).
  4. Cheese-you can sometimes be a flirt but you can be a really fun Person to Talk to and you and emerald make a cute couple *smirks*
  5. Gom-you Happy i had put you in my shout out Quiz? Gom you can sometimes get on my nerves but you are very and Eva should stay together i mean you guys make a perfect couple.
  6. I guess i'll just put funniebunnie in here since she's my best friend. Ann-you are my best friend and always will be there when i need are a caring and helpful friend to me and can always put a smile on my face.ann you are the One i truely care about.
  7. That's all i am Doing for Now my hands are numb from typing so much.i'll maybe continue sooner or later.for Now i dont know .
  8. My fingers hurt and are numb -_-
  9. ......
  10. Seeya later peace out

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