my new life Part 2

i hope you like my story and this chapter. i want to apoligize for taking soo long... and i wold like to give a shout out to my bff! I LOVE YOU! XD and if you comment i might give you a shout out!

i hope you like my story and my chapter. i want to apoligize for tsking soo long and i would like to give a shout out to my bff! I LOVE YOU! XDand if you comment i might give you a shout out!

Created by: SilverNote13
  1. recap: i was in a carcrash on the bus, and wake up to find a boy carrying me in the forest, only to get to the end of my street. btw thank you for the people who read last time, it makes me really happy!
  2. we get to my house and he opens the door. i see my mother on the couch what seems to be waiting. she stand up. "oh honey are you alright?" i open my mouth to say something but he answers. "yes she is" " i can speek for my self mr. no name." he rolls his eyes "bring her up to her room, she needs rest." he nods his head and brins me up to my room.**time skip** i was half asleep when i heard tap like sounds on my window. i walked over to my window and looked out it to see my friends, emily,barbie, and skylar. i open the window to talk to them. "what are you guys doing here?" "you wern't at school. and we heard about the crash, and that they didn't find you" my door opens and name comes in and look out the window. "who are you and what are you doing here?" "relax, take a chill pill, their my friends. let them in." "no"he says "oh i don't think you heard me right. LET.THEM.IN.NOW." i glare at him. "fine" he says
  3. "so what do you guys want to do?" "don't we have school tomorrow?" Skylar says "well I don't because of the crash." "well we know that." Emily says "by the way, who is that?" Barbie finally says after she keeps glancing at him ever since she saw him. "well, I don't know..." I look at him. he is leaning against the wall "...what?" he says. "I never got you name... name" I smile after that comment I made, he glares at me. "you do know that is getting annoying, right?" "yup!" I smile again. "fine, i'm jake". i start to here someone come down the stairs, and it turns out its her mom. "mom, what are you doing up?" "i heard people talking, so i came down to see who it was"
  4. "oh and honey, i talked to the doctor earlyier and she said you can go to school tomorow.and i think your friends should leave, we all need our sleep." she smiles and heads up stairs. i sigh. " aww! fine... thanks for stoping bye." i smile and wave as they leave while saying their goodbyes.i go and sit down on the couch and sigh. "didn't you here your mom? she said that we all need our sleep."jake stated "then why are you up?" i ask "your sitting on my bed" i look at the couch i'm sitting on and see a blanket and a few pillows. "oh, sorry" i move to another seat"... do you mind if i ask you a question?" "yeah,sure." "i'm not trying to sound mean but, why are you here again?"
  5. "like i said before, i'm here to keep you safe." i sigh"safe from, what?" " don't need to know that yet." i glare at him " i don't need to know yet? i think i have the right to know now!" "ok, i'll tell you, but calm down first." "i am calm i'm just *yawn* tired" her eyes are droopy. jake sighed. "i will tell you in the morning, ok?" he sits next to me. "o-ok..." then i drift off to sleep.
  6. **Time Skip** I woke up in my bed. It was wierd, because i remember falling asleep in the chair downstairs... 'did he carry me to my room?' the thought of that made me blush a bit. i heard a knock on my door. "Come in!" i yelled. the door opened and jake pokes his head in. "morning sleeping beauty." he gave me that heart melting smile. I cold feel my face heating up. "w-what do you want?" i managed to say "Your mom told me to get you up and tell you to get ready for school." i sighed "And tell her that i am 15 years old and i can get myself up without her telling me to." my mom is usually bossy and once in a while i snap at her. " Your fistey. I like that in a girl." i rolled my eyes "Get out!" i laughed
  7. I got dressed and went down stairs. when i walked into the kitchen i see another guy. And i will admit, he was HOT! he was tall, nice build, green eyes, blond hair. "who are you?" i asked as he turned to me, i could see jake was standing behind him. both of them smiled when they noticed me. "My name is Blake. and you must be the one and only Siarra." i gave him a curious look "yes, i am. And might i ask but, how do you know my name?" "I am here for the same reason Jake is here. To protect you." I remembered last noght before i fell asleep."Protect me from what?" i was confused. Jake walked twords me. "Well i would tell you but we would be late for school." i sighed "Fine. But you guys WILL tell me when we get back home.
  8. that is it for this chapter... sorry it took soo long. i forgot about it and i thought i wasent going to get alot of views untill i checked the stats...
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