Hogwarts Love Story pt 11 (vulturemonem's)

Here is part 11, read the quiz if you are confused. It explains everything. I'm sorry, it was a mix up and fail on my part. Thanks my readers! Life is a candle!

Here is part 11, read the quiz if you are confused. It explains everything. I'm sorry, it was a mix up and fail on my part. Thanks my readers! Life is a candle!

Created by: vulturemonem

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  1. Hello everyone! *waves* If you are confused about all of the part numberings, I'll explain now.
  2. Well it's my fault totally. Basically, I called part 10, part 9. So if you haven't read part 10, go to my profile and read it. I might link it on the 'my site' link by my username.
  3. I'm also going to make some very big and significant changes to my story. I'm going to write in the first person. My tenses are completely thrown as I'm writing other stories on Wattpad in first person. So yeah... I will give you a description of 'yourself' in a story format from Cedric's POV when he saw you approaching the portkey. You wil be called Bella. Also, this part is a filler, so yes, I'm sorry, it will be short and sweet. J'adore!
  4. {Cedric's POV} Bella. I really like her. Storm Balk said I should tell her, he might be my best buddy but he doesn't seem to realise that she's dating Harry, Harry Potter. Her red-chestnut-brown hair flew around her in the breeze. I noticed that it seemed about the same length as Hermione Granger's. Thought hers was bushy and fluffy, and Bella's was silky and wavy. She had a light dotting of freckles on her nose, only visible within three metres of her. Her figure was slender and feminine. Her laugh was soft and true, not a cackle or a bark or a fake chuckle. It was a heavenly chirrup. She doubled over in laughter as Fred, or George, (I couldn't tell) cracked a joke. Her skin was lightly tanned, she must have been away. Oh Bella...
  5. My alarm woke me up at eleven o'clock. I slipped my hand under the pillow to turn it off, without waking up anyone around me. I threw in a pair of jeans and a grey hoodie and crept down the stairs and out to the quidditch pitch. I looked up at the four stands, I struggled to identify the Ravenclaw one, when I saw a figure approach the one on the far left. I began to run over. "Draco!" I whispered into the suffocating darkness. "Bella?" he asked hoarsely. "Yeah. You ok?" I asked, taking note of his croaking. "All the better for seeing you. I didn't think you'd show up to be honest," he said shrugging. "I don't go back on my word Draco," I said softly. He said nothing. "So what did you ask me here for?" I asked. "Well um, Bella?" he asked taking my hands in his, "Would you come to the next Hogsmead trip with me?" he asked, obviously struggling with his words. Awkward. "What about your death-eater pretence?" I asked. "I took inboard what you said to me," he replied ever so softly. I said nothing. "Please Bella?" he pleaded. "I-I, Draco I don't know. I'm sorry. But, well, I think it would be the end of both our social lives," I said truthfully. "If that's what people think, so be it," he persisted. "Draco!" I cried, "I have friends here that I care about!" He snorted. "If they would abandon you then they aren't your friends," he said slyly. "They probably wouldn't abandon me Draco," I said. "Then what's the problem?" he asked astounded. "Draco? Why are you being like this?"I asked wearily. "Bella, I love you," he said. I sucked in a deep breath and took my hands from his grasp. "I'm sorry," I said, horrified. He stared at me and began to break down in heart-wrenching sobs. "Draco!" I cried for the second or third time that night, this time rushing over to him. I put my arm around him and crouched down to him, he had curled up in a ball. "I'm sorry Draco," I whispered. When he looked up, his eyes were red and his face more pale and drained of life. "You!" he choked out. "I'm sorry!" I cried yet again. "Bella you!" he gasped, lunging for my throat. I groaned as he grabbed me in a too-tight-to-be-friendly headlock. "Malfoy!" yelled an exceedingly angry voice. Draco froze and turned on his heel.
  6. He didn't release his death-grip on me and I couldn't see who it was due to my head being pulled back ninety degrees further than natural. "Put her down," said the voice calmly. It was only then that I realised that Draco was pulling me off the ground by my neck. He growled and pulled me tighter. What had got into him? I was now struggling to breathe and tried to reach for my wand. Unfortunately it was in my back pocket. Note to self, put wand in front pocket. "Now Malfoy," said the voice, not so calmly now. Draco seemed to recognise defeat, and let me go, not gently. I fell to the ground gasping and took a few steps forwards. I was caught by a pair of strong arms and I looked up to my saviour. "Thank you Cedric," I gasped. "Anytime Bella," he replied grimacing at Draco. I reached for my wand, trying not alert Cedric to my movements. I shot my silent stunning spell at Draco and he dropped to the ground. "This is becoming a habit," I muttered. Cedric laughed and I sighed. "You ok?" he asked anxiously. "I think so," I replied. I could breathe easily but I felt bruised. Cedric led me back to the castle slowly. "See you around Cedric," I said. "Bye Bella," he replied with a melancholy tone. I crept back into bed and slept. Boys sucked.
  7. The next few days held nothing special, unless you count more arguing between Harry and Ron and some suspicious behaviour on Hermione's part. 'Victor' related I was sure. "Hey Bella!" called someone. I turned. "Hey Arianna!" I called to the Ravenclaw. "This is Fleur Delacour, she wanted to talk to you," Arianna said brightly. "Sure! Bye Arianna!" I called as she skipped away, "Hi Fleur, welcome to Hogwarts!" I said politely. "Zank-you, I 'ave enjoyed it 'ere very much," she said smiling. I liked her. A lot. "I vanted to ask about' your vouching for 'Arry Potter?" she questioned. "What? You don't believe me? I was true. He doesn't want to be in it!" I said, surprised. "Dat is vot I thought, but dis Krum tink overvise," she said. "Thank you Fleur. I think that Krum is dodgy. My friend however..." I trailed off and made a kissing noise. Fleur laughed. "Dat is very funny. Goodbye!" she said. I waved to her and turned to face the way I was going. I'd knock someone over if I didn't. I saw Pansy shooting me death glares from the balcony as I headed to potions. She kissed Draco pointedly to try to make me jealous. Like I cared. "Hey Neville," I said. "Hey Bella! I heard about what happened last night," he said, lowering his voice. I groaned. "How d things like that get out?" I asked. "I just heard Cedric telling that Storm guy, as Hermione said, I'm too observant for my own good," he smiled. I groaned again as we reached the dungeons. Snape was dishing out house points to passing Slytherins for, 'neat attire' and 'no nonsense' ugh. "Today, I would like you to attempt a draught of living death. For some of you, you will fail. For others, the results could be pleasing," here his eyes lingered on myself, "Begin." the draught of living death was impossible. Way too complex. By the end of the lesson, my potion was an interesting green-brown. Snape surveyed it. "This is average Miss Rivers. In a NEWT exam it would probably fail, however. Take some thought into the fact that you are fourth years and your skills are," he smirked, "Low level. Dismissed." I gathered my things slowly to let the surge of students go before smiling at Hermione and leaving with her. "Hell," she moaned. "Hell," I agreed. She left to go to her class and I went the other way for mine. 
  8. "Stupify!" I heard someone yell. I fell to the floor and felt myself being pummelled by fists. Four fists. "Stop!" screeched a voice. "Hello Bella! I think you should stop making Draco love you. I hate you Bella Rivers," Pansy whispered silkily. I couldn't have said anything, I was too surprised and pummelled by Crabbe and Goyle to care anyway. "Enough. What's going on here?" demanded an angry voice. Cedric. "Oh! Got an older guy to stick up for you Bella? I'll get you!" she yelled, stalking off with Draco's bodyguards. Cedric offered me his hand and helped me up. "You seem to be a magnet for trouble with Slytherins don't you?" he asked quietly. "I guess," I replied blushing. "Come on. Madame Pomfrey should look at that cut," he said, motioning to my shoulder. I grimaced. I hadn't even realised I had been cut there, must have been the initial stunning. I let Cedric help me to the hospital wing. I was making this more of a habit that Harry was. "Good lord! What happened to Miss Rivers?" Madame Pomfrey asked. I waited for her verdict as Cedric recounted what had happened. "Hmm, sit down," she said. Cedric helped me to the bed she was motioning to and then released his grip on my waist. Madame Pomfrey began to prod and wipe and, well, do her job. I winced as she shoved my shirt back on me. "You'll be fine now. Off you go," she said briskly. Cedric was still waiting outside. "Alright?" he asked. I nodded and he led me back to my common room. This time, he came in too. Nobody was there as lessons hadn't finished yet, so we were alone. "Bella?" Cedric asked. "Yeah?" I replied, curious at his tone. "I'm scared," he admitted. I stared at him for a moment. "Of what?" I asked. "The tournament. I don't know if it was such a good idea anymore," he said, looking at the floor and biting his lip. "Oh Cedric. You'll be fine I'm sure. Have more faith in yourself," I said, taking his hand in mine. He smiled. "Thanks." He began to rub circles gently into my palm. He hesitated and leant towards me. "Bella..." he began but he trailed off. His lips met mine gently and my hands went to his neck. The kiss was gentle, and basic. He pulled away looking horrified. "What Cedric?" I asked worriedly. "I. You. Harry. I mean-" he began. I cut in. "Cedric. Calm down ok? It's fine. It was nice. Thank you," I said. Then I pulled him in again.
  9. Ok, I really am sorry guys. It was very short but I needed that short chapter as a quite important filler. So be patient and just wait for the next one!
  10. Thank you again! Please comment! Life is a candle!

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