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  • I don't mind the first person view, but I'd really appreciate it if you went back to just ______ instead of Bella. First off, I can't take it seriously as I keep thinking of Twilight Bella especially whenever Cedric appears, and I just like it better when you can fill in your own name. It's more fun and realistic. Thanks!

  • @liz_king97 I hadn't made that connection actually!

    @mcqueen , ok. I take your point, I'm going back to the second person. All will be revealed! And I just thought that she seems a bit too perfect, you know?

    Thanks for your feedback!

  • Don't really like the changes it doesn't leave much imaginasion to mind and why is she cheating on harry it just makes her look like a horrible person

  • Just caught up and I'm loving it! You're doing a wonderful job; I can't wait to read the next edition! :D

  • Oh my gosh. BELLA! *doubles over laughing* Cedric.."vampire"! Oh my bloody hell!


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