My GoToQuiz Shout-outs

Thanks for happily taking my quizzes and if you saw your names on my brand new fantastic QUIZ you should be very happy and if your name was on here and you didn't see it that os ok with me.

Please comment if you loved the QUIZ or had any disruptions or problems in this quiz and i once again say i love you guys! Ptyradactal popcorn photo ate my candy! Haha!

Created by: MHgirl

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  1. Firey Soul: You are the main reason i loved story quizzes because I've read the whole season of Paranormal Love in two weeks. I also saw my sister mb123 hearing about your hacked quiz and shae freaked out over ur series!
  2. Xxblitxx: my favorite part is learning about you is making your awesome Don't Leave Me Hanging quizzes. You rock!
  3. Omega Wolf : your really cool, and you gave me lots of interesting inspiration.
  4. ICEE CHILL: I'll never forget u. And i never want u to leave.
  5. Morgan: please don't leave! I hate it went GTQ users leave.
  6. mb123: you are my big sister,i wish you'll come back someday.
  7. Teresa22: thx 4 the link to my forum How do ya make stinkin gingerbread.
  8. Nothing else so bye
  9. Bye
  10. Bye

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