my shout outs!!!!!!! :D

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Hi! These are my shout-outs! Please take and enjoy! :) I hope I didn't forget you if I did sorry comment and I'll give you credit for being awesome! :D

Please comment and rate! If I forgot you I'm really sorry just remind me!!! That's all I have to say so now I'm filling up this space la la la! Hi, hello, yo, 'sup, hey!

Created by: wolf_heart

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  1. First Keturah (mcqueen) you are nice to everyone and like a sister to me.
  2. Next, animephan. You are a fun soaper and a cool friend
  3. Natebuscus, you are really funny and a great friend
  4. Lucky firefly, you are a great rper and friend!
  5. SonicTheHedgehog, your sick sense of humor will never fail to make me laugh
  6. Dannylover, you are great and fun!
  7. Chloe, (avenger16) and alex (godofminecraft56) you guys are fun to talk to!
  8. Sweet, you are a great soaper and a fun person
  9. Ashl3y and DCgirl, even though you probably don't like me very much, I still think your fun to talk to
  10. Sonic_x, you are fun to talk to and an interesting person!
  11. Firey_Soul, although you probably don't know me, your quizzes are really entertaining and fun!
  12. Mike, (zeldafanatic16) I think your a great rp/soaper!
  13. Ruri awasega, (I probably spelled that wrong) you are a cool friend and I'm honored you wanted me as a brides maid!
  14. Br0wniebunny, you are really fun and funny. The pictures you post always make me smile
  15. Crysta, you are a creative person with great ideas
  16. If I forgot you sorry! Comment is I did! Who am I kidding? Comment either way!
  17. Alex (godofminecraft56) you are interestiing to talk to and fun soaper!
  18. Omega wolf, (suzanne) you are a really good soaper and a cool friend!

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