The Guardians Farewell: Blaze

Hey guys. So, I know I've been slacking off recently, and to make it up to you guys, I've made this one REALLY crazy. Like, insanely crazy. Hope you all enjoy it.

Shout outs!I'd like to thank Ericat, for all she's done for me and for putting up with my craziness. I'd like to thank houndlover, for reading these and I'd also like to thank WeirdHead.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. My heart leapt anxiously as I listened to the priest preach his sermon, my eyes glued to Graysons dead body lying stiffly in the casket placed along the wooden table. Before I even realized it, tears were pouring down my cheeks and I couldn't stop it. I'd been this way for awhile, and it honestly scared me that I couldn't turn off the waterworks anymore.
  2. I couldn't take it anymore. I swiftly jerked myself out of the chair I sat in, stumbling off into the girls restroom, where I sobbed bitterly until I couldn't possibly cry anymore. " Angelica? Are you okay?" a familiar voice called from outside the door. Blaze. We hadn't spoken to each other for a while, which honestly broke my heart everytime he'd cross my mind. " I'm... I'm fine." I lied, smiling stiffly as he slowly crept inside the restroom, his cheeks going crimson in embarrassment.
  3. " You're lying. Angelica, can't you see I only want to help you? I missed you so much, and it hurts me to see you so broken and afraid. If I did anything to hurt you --" he began, my eyes wandering down to his lips, before I pressed mine against his, trying to shut him up. " Blaze... You never hurt me. I hurt you. I missed you so much."
  4. His eyes slowly filled with realization as he gave a cute smile, taking my hands in his as he knelt down on one knee in front of me. " Angelica Winters, will you do me the honor of being my wife?" he asked, my eyes the size of saucers as I gave a vigorous nod, at a loss for words. " B-blaze.... you really want me?" I sniffed, my eyes filling with tears as he gave a nod. " You're all I want. I've wanted you since I first laid eyes on you."
  5. My heart raced as I knelt down beside him, curling myself into his lap and holding him close, scared to let him go. " Who knew I'd marry my Guardian Angel?" he said with a wink, my cheeks flaming hot as I gave a small smile. " I never expected to fall for my calling either."
  6. *** One month later ***" I can't believe you are marrying Blaze!" Maddie squealed over the phone, my eyes filled with tears of joy as I allowed Abigail to curl a piece of my blonde hair. " Neither can I! I'm so excited." I giggled, Maple rolling her eyes as she shook her head in disgust. " Come on, ditz. You need to get going." she said, taking the phone from my hand and hanging up on Maddie.
  7. " Maple! You can be a bit nicer about it." Christie warned, helping me tie the ribbon on my dress, her blonde curls delicately falling over her blue eyes as she did. " Hey, I'm just being me." Maple shrugged. I gave a small sigh before following Abigail out towards the aisle, my head spinning dramatically.
  8. *** Two hours later ***As we danced beneath the stars, our faces gently brushed up against each other, but we didn't mind. " Dancin' in the dark, listenin to our favorite song." Ed Sheerans voice echoed out from the iPod placed in the gazebo surrounding us, only setting the mood more. " I love you, Angelica." Blaze whispered to me, a smile setting on his lips as I smiled back. " I love you too."
  9. *** A year later ***I carefully crept down into the basement of our house, knowing Blaze and his friends would be down there, like usual. " Blaze? Can I talk to you for a moment?" I asked once I got down there, his eyes flickering over to me before he turned back to the football game on TV. "Go ahead and tell me." he shrugged, his buddies staring at me as I gave a nervous laugh. " Blaze, I'm -- I'm pregnant." I whispered.
  10. " You're WHAT!?!" his voice boomed angrily, his eyes full of rage as he glanced down at my stomach in disgust. " I'm pregnant." I repeated, watching as his friend, Avery, gave me a sympathetic smile. " I thought I told you I didn't want kids. You're such a. --" " Dude, shut up! You should be happy she's put up with you." Avery hissed, standing up from his spot on the couch and walking over to comfort me.
  11. I quickly pulled myself into Avery's embrace, scared of what was going through Blazes mind right now, but I didn't care. " Avery, get your paws off my wife." Blaze hissed angrily, tears lining my eyes as he did the unexpected. He stood up and slapped my cheek, sending me flying backwards into a shelf. Avery glared furiously, running over to me and helping me to my feet. " I want you to know that I used to think you were a good guy. I don't know what changed you, but I hope you enjoyed your time with me. We're through." I hissed angrily, taking Avery's hand in mine and walking outside.
  12. *** Nine months later ***I glanced down at the beautiful baby boy in my arms, my Fiance, Avery Woods, flashing a genuine smile as he looked down at the smiling child in my arms. " What are you going to name him?" the doctor asked, looking up at both of us. " Avery Louis Woods." I smiled.
  13. *** Five years later ***Avery and I had ended up getting married a month after Avery Jr. was born, and we had been happy ever since. Neither of us had heard from Blaze since the day I told him I was pregnant, and we were both glad. " Mommy!" Avery Jr. whined, taking my hand in his as he led me out to the front porch where my loving husband sat, holding a cat." For you, my love."
  14. *** Thirty years later ***Life has been more than I could handle recently. Avery Jr died at a young age from the flu, leaving both me and Avery heartbroken. A year after his death, I had another child, which we named Gabby Rose. She ended up having a wonderful life, and marrying a wonderful man, Zeke.
  15. Avery and I both ended up living nice long lifes, peacefully dying in our sleep. Together.
  16. Although life hadn't worked out the way I expected it to, I was still happy to be with Avery in Heaven, where we both watched down on Gabby Rose and her family.
  17. *** The End ***

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