Something Weird (part 3)

I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it :D. Sorry for taking so long. I've been crazy busy with all my stories, which is like 6, and 2 of them aren't even up here. And in my defense, my hands were all red and numb and blistered from the uneven bars in gymnastics so it hurt to grab things. Anyways, please comment and rate, thanks ~Meg.

Jinglebells don't moo, they quack!! Sorry for taking so long. I've been crazy busy with all my stories, which is like 6, and 2 of them aren't even up here. And in my defense, my hands were all red and numb and blistered from the uneven bars in gymnastics so it hurt to grab things. Anyways, please comment and rate, thanks ~Meg.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo
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  1. The school didn't care which classes you went to and in what order they were in. As long as you didn't take two of the same classes, it was fine. Adam told me that his first period History class was full, so he suggested that I take Survival class that was down the hall. The bell rang as soon as I stepped into the classroom. It was a huge room with different kinds of plants and trees growing everywhere. There were different kinds of weapons on one side of the room. Next to them were targets and dummies. "Well, class. Looks like we have someone new here in Stanley High. And may I say, you look like you came prepared for this class." The teacher said as he saw that I was in a dark green shirt that had some brown on it, and black shorts. I could tell that my arms, legs, and my blonde hair had mud streaks on them. "Thanks." I replied. "And your name is?" The teacher asked. "Nirvana." I replied.
  2. "Well, Nirvana, I'm Mr. Nelson. You can take a seat next to Curtis." Mr. Nelson said as he gestured to a guy my age with dirty blonde hair and bright green eyes. He was muscular and had a tan. I walks over there with my head down so no one could see my eyes. As I sat down next to him, a girl raised her hand. "Yes, Isabell?" Mr. Nelson said. "But, Mr. Nelson, you always said that no girl is allowed to sit next to Curtis because he is too much of a distraction." Isabell said. "Does it look like Nirvana is distracted?" Curtis asked. "You do know that not every girl is dirstracted by my good looks, right?" He seemed annoyed that everyone got distracted by him. "Nirvana, if you can look Curtis in the eyes and say 'Curtis, I swear I will not get distracted by you' without looking away or laughing or smiling, then there won't be a problem." Mr. Nelson said. "Fine." I said and looked up from the table and stared at Curtis's green eyes. "Curtis, I swear I won't get distracted by you." I told him with no emotion in my voice.
  3. "There, now that that's settled, and now that Curtis finally has a partner, we can all so a Survival test. This is something new that will test your skills on how you do in the wilderness. You and your partner will be trapped in a dome in the forest behind the school for the next twenty-four hours. Do whatever you must to survive. There will be no weapons given out this time. I already told your teachers and parents about this, so they know where you are. Nirvana, if you don't think you can do this, then you don't have to." Mr. Nelson said. "Oh, trust me, I can handle twenty-four hours in the forest." I said. "Good. I like your enthusiasm. Now, you will be required to make your own shelter, guard you own section, find your own food and water, and just for fun, each team will have a colored bandana that you have to guard. If you capture another team's bandana, or flag, then you get ten points extra credit for each flag. You can also take prisoners. Everyone ready?" Mr. Nelson asked and we all nodded our heads eagerly. He opened the door and led us outside into a huge glass dome around a forest. He divided up our territory, the horn sounded, and the game was on.
  4. "We should build a shelter first." Curtis said. "No, worse case scenario, we're sleeping on the ground. We need to build traps around our territory." I told him and started walking towards our flag. "But, we've been taught to build a shelter first." Curtis argued. "And I'm coming from experience that building a shelter first is a waste of time and energy." I explained to him. "You're that Spirit Seer, aren't you?" He asked me after a moment of silence. "Apparently. What are you?" I asked. "A Werewolf." He replied. After that, we both went to work on setting up traps. Around the flag, we had dug some holes and covered them up so they would easily fall into it. If they fell in the hole, it would set off a wire that would make the makeshiften net from above, fall on them. We then got to work on a weapon. Curtis made a spear and I made a bow and some arrows.
  5. "Nirvana." Something whispered my name, jolting me out of my train of thoughts. A light blue glow was in front of me and I knew that it was Adsamden. "Someone's coming." I hissed at Curtis. "Where?" He asked, suddenly alert. "Over there." I whispered and pointed in front of me. We both hid behind some bushes like I told him. Once we were hidden, a girl with short black hair and brown eyes and a guy with light brown hair and orange eyes, stepped into view. "Well, this was ten easy bonus points." The guy said and then they both walked towards our flag. They all of a sudden fell into one of our traps. They let out a startled scream and then the net fell over the hole, preventing them from escaping. Curtis and I came out from our bidding place and we leaned over the hole so we could see them. "What was that about easy bonus points?" Curtis asked mockingly.
  6. "How did you guys even have enough time to make traps?" The girl asked. "Easy. Little miss Spirit Seer over here, told me to not build a shelter first. So, we made traps instead." Curtis explained. "Is everyone here a Supernatural Being?" I asked. "No, just a third of the people in this school. Collin is a Fallen Angel. So, he litterally fell from Heaven and now all the other Angels want him dead because he rebelled. And Emily is a Demon and all the other Demon's want her dead because she rebelled against Hell and came to the surface." Curtis explained to me. "Nice to meet you." Collin called up. "Hey, when are we gonna get some food? I'm starving." Emily yelled. "Whenever we get some." Curtis yelled back down. "We should try to get everyone's flags at night, when they're all sleeping." I told Curtis as we backed away from the hole.
  7. "Okay but first, we need to build a shelter." Curtis said. "Fine. We'll make it between those two trees there." I said as I pointed to two hollowed out trees that were facing each other. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* By sundown, we have successfully made a shelter and I finished making my bow and arrows and a quiver to hold the arrows. I caught and killed two birds and we ate them. "Alright, so, when do we leave?" Curtis asked after we were done eating. "It's probably not a good idea if we both leave. It's better if I just go because I know how to work my way around the woods and how to blend in with my surroundings and I'm more silent and faster." I explained. "Alright, so, when do you leave?" Curtis corrected. "In about ten minutes, when it's completely dark." I responded.
  8. Ten minutes later, I was jumping from tree to tree in the quiet night. There was a half moon above my head and I crossed into another team's territory. My senses quickly because alert and I moved swiftly and silently among the trees. I looked up and saw smoke from a campfire ahead of me. I silently jumped from one tree to the next until I saw two guys around a fire. One had dark brown hair and blue eyes and the other had blonde hair and hazel eyes. Next to them was their flag that was tied around a branch, high up in a tree. I jumped from tree to tree till I was on the tree with the flag and their backs were facing me. I went to the other side of the tree, so they couldn't see me, and started climbing it. As I got closer to the top, the branches started moving more. I reached their brown flag, untied it, tied it back around my right wrist, and started making my way back down the tree. When I was on a thick enough branch, I started tree hopping again until I made it to the next territory.
  9. I had a few close calls, but I managed to get the rest of the flags- which were eleven, not counting ours- as the sun came up. I tree hopped all the way to where Curtis was and I saw that he was asleep in the shelter. I quickly looked up and I let out a breath of relief as I saw that our flag was still there. My right arm was covered in different colors because of the bandanas. Each of them had that team's names embedded in it. Except for ours, that one just had Curtis's name. A loud horn sounded and Curtis instantly awake. "The game is over. You may now come back." Mr. Nelson's voice sounded on a speakerphone. "If you have anyone's flag, then bring it with you. Leave your own flag where it was." Curtis walked out of the shelter, saw my arm covered in flags, and smiled. "Good. Now can someone get me out of here?" I heard Emily grumble from the hole. I walked over to it, pulled the net off and helped them both out. Then, we all walked back to the school and I had all the flags in my hand.
  10. Cliffhanger!! Yeah, I know, not the best cliffhanger. But, anyways, what did you think? And be honest.
  11. Sorry for taking so long. I've been crazy busy with all my stories, which is like 6, and 2 of them aren't even up here. And in my defense, my hands were all red and numb and blistered from the uneven bars in gymnastics so it hurt to grab things. Anyways, please comment and rate, thanks ~Meg.

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