Special Shout-outs #3

This is my third shout out quiz. Yep. But this one is different because... 1. It's short. Hehe. My others were longer. :P 2. There are four people getting a shout out...

And 3. THESE PEOPLE ARE AWESOME AND I JUST HAD TO. ;3; I hope you guys enjoy this shout special shout out. It's just for these awesome four people. C: xoxoxo

Created by: rvelez

  1. These aren't in order sooo yeah. :P
  2. Andi, (SugerCube) let me just say, that you remind me of someone, making you special. I mean, I don't even remember the first time we met. x3 I wish I did. I'm glad we are friends. ^=^
  3. Everytime you get on, I smile. ^~^ You are nice, creative and just plain awesome. We have a lot in common but at the same time, your different.
  4. You are an awesome roleplayer and your writing...it's just awesome as well. x3 You are talented, girl~! You might have those blonde moments but you are pretty darn smart. Seriously. :P
  5. Dark22978. Yes yoouu~ x3 You. Are. So. Smart. I'm over here like: "This girl... She's waaay smarter than me.. *blink blink*" x3 But yeah. Then comes your drawing. Oh. My. Gawd. Your drawings amaze me, girl. ;3; I wish I could draw like you and you get better and better.
  6. You can sing, draw, your roleplaying just..it's just..amazing. x3 And you are super duper sweet and energtic.
  7. Ashl3y. ASSSHHHLEEEEY~ There is my soaping buddy and awesome GTQ sistah. c: Now I know I say this a lot, but you are talanted as well. Your writing is...KABOOM BAM. xD Yeah. That. And don't deny it gurrrrl.~
  8. I like talking to you. You have that fun kiddish side. We all like those sides. cx You are one of those who makes me happy and I swear, I don't know how you do it. :I MAYBE BECAUSE YOU ARE AWESOME. Girl, never give up and always keep trying~ ^3^
  9. Last person...and this person doesn't get on anymore but....
  10. SonicTheHedgehog/ICEE CHILL. Girl, I'm going to be honest right here as well and I hope you see this one day buuut... You kinda annoyed me when you first joined on here. But I judged you without getting to know you and I'm like...still sorry for that. Then we kinda talked and omagod, I was wrong. Totally wrong. You are epic, funny, smart, kind and just...one of a kind. x3
  11. I just loved talking to you. You are like one of the funniest people on GTQ. xD You make me happeh c: And you are awesome for that. Thanks my Blue Blur~
  12. Okay. That's all. Yep. Those are the four people. These people are like...the best people on GTQ. Each are special and kind. C: I love you guuuuyysss. Stay epic, will ya?

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