The Pokemon Quiz - 1

This is a quiz about Pokemon. This quiz includes only the basic and simplest questions about Pokemon as this is Pokemon quiz-1. I'll create more and more quizzes about Pokemon.

Are you able to win this quiz? Yes, sure. Pokemon is an interesting anime series. I do know about it a lot and I watch them daily. Be excited for my more quizzes and Please RATE and COMMENT!

Created by: Lynetta
  1. Which of the following is the first movie of Pokemon?
  2. What does Brock want to be in his life?
  3. How old is Ash?
  4. What is Ash's first Pokemon?
  5. Who was Ash's first female companion?
  6. Which of the following is not a water-type Pokemon?
  7. Pidgeotto evolves into:
  8. How many members are there in Team Rocket?
  9. How many badges are required for a Pokemon trainer to participate in the Pokemon League?
  10. Which Gym is Sabrina the Gym leader of?

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