GTQ Shout-outs (Jan. 2018)

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There are dozens of users on this little website that we call GTQ. Every one of them has their own unique personality that doesn't compare to anyone else's.

This quiz has little messages dedicated to some of the users of our forums! I was honest in all of them, so I hope that all of you appreciate what has been said. :)

Created by: Dark22978

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  1. breadboy69 (John): You're one of my closest friends when it comes to the internet. We didn't necessarily meet for the first time back in '16, but that year is what started the close friendship. We've been through a lot of tough stuff, but I must admit I'm really glad that we're friends and that my stupidity didn't keep us apart. I'm also really glad that you've been able to find a small home in GTQ. Please, don't put yourself down and keep your head up high. You're going places. Your past is just your past.. And no matter where you end up, I'm proud of you, dude.
  2. AkiMaki (Cody): I see you pop up occasionally, and it always makes me excited at least a little bit! I've always respected you as a person. I haven't once seen you involved in any sort of drama (something not uncommon on GTQ). I really want to start talking to you more. We've had super chill conversations in the past and I'm sure that I'd still have a blast talking to you! I really hope that other users get to see how cool you are, because you deserve to be well-known. Life better treat you well.
  3. therealminime (Jacob): Whenever I see your Instagram posts, I always smile. You look like the kind of guy that I'd be close friends with if we were attending the same school. From the times we have talked, or that I've seen you post, you seem like a really respectful guy. You're often standing up for the rights of others, be it on this website or concerning the world as a whole. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that you're a senior. Like, woah. You're piratically an adult whereas I'm still a child. I feel like I've said this before, but we should totally start talking again. Also, you should try to stake your ground in GTQ more. I think you're the party guy everyone needs to meet.
  4. d_h (Dawson): We started talking a lot last year, and I'm really glad that we're friends! Our conversations can branch off into virtually anything, and that's what I like about you. You're willing to talk for hours and hours and it doesn't even matter if it's late or not. I've enjoyed the Discord calls we've had, and as you may know, I'm in love with your voice.. On a serious note?You've been through a lot in the past, and yet, you're still so strong. I really hope that you keep that strength throughout your life. I also can't wait to hear about you reuniting with your girlfriend. You guys seem like a good pair and she always brings your spirits up. Please don't ever change yourself.
  5. Mused Jade (Cassie): It's been a long time since we had a decently long conversation, but for what it's worth, I'm glad that you're still around. If you didn't already know, I suck at putting myself out there and contacting people first... But I really do want to get to talk to you more. I enjoyed the roleplays we did back in the day! Our characters were terrible for each other, and that's what made the roleplay so much fun. And even without the roleplays, you are such an enchanting person. I've always liked hearing your stories about your daily life. Considering we live pretty close, I hope that I'll get to meet you some day. I have a feeling that we'd be a pretty good duo. Also, I just want to say, you are gorgeous. It may not mean much considering I'm a person who sees beauty in everyone, but I really want to see you have more self confidence! All of your photos, with or without make-up, are gorgeous. And that's because you're gorgeous, not just the lighting/set up of the photo. I love seeing your face on my dashboard(s) and I hope I'll continue to see you there.
  6. TheOnlyOne (Seth): A long time ago, we talked a ton in that three-way chat between you, myself, and BB. I knew you pretty well at that point. I still know you, but I feel like we haven't had a chance to talk as much as I'd like us to. With how life has it, we don't do much discussion other than moderator things (or making fun of people harassing us for moderator things). I'd like to regain some of that close friendship back at some point. You're a fantastic artist, and you're also a really cool guy. I'm delighted to have gotten a chance to meet you. I'm also expecting an invitation to your wedding... Whoever it's with........ Kidding, obviously. But I figured you'd find amusement in that little sidebar comment. I hope that life picks itself up for you, and that you continue to make art. I'd like to see where you end up in the future.
  7. Br0wnieBunny (Maddie): Speak of the devil from the previous shout-out, it's you! The third to the trio DM chat. We have come such a long way from where we started. At first, we were two jealous children fighting each other over nothing. We kept trying to make up, but our random anger got in the way. Eventually, though, we learned to get along. And we found out that we have a lot more in common than we thought. Now, I see you're a brilliant person. You've come so far since we first met. I only wish that I could say I knew a lot more about you. I recall bits and pieces about you, favorite fandoms and such, but it's been a long time since we've sat and talked about much of anything. I really hope that we can get a chance to sit down and talk again. It'd be nice to play catch up!
  8. Raven_: Believe it or not, I don't know much about you. It makes me sad, considering you seem like a very sweet person. From what I've seen, you're fun to talk to, and we share a couple of interests! If I don't stop in your thread sometime, you should totally drop in mine (Official Darkness Thread). I'd love to befriend you. :)
  9. Stardust1 (Jasmine): Whenever I see your username, I laugh because I think about the joke WolfLove made back in one of our earlier podcasts. Jokes aside, you are such a friendly young woman! I admire your beauty and intelligence. You are far more mature than I'd expect from a first glance. I think everyone on GTQ can agree you're fun to talk to. I think I've said this to the majority of the users in this quiz, but we NEED TO TALK MORE WTF. I miss our silly little conversations. You're such a great person and I'd love to get to know you even better. Oh, and btw, congrats on Experienced. ;)
  10. The alaph wolf: I don't recall talking to you other than the few times you've magically appeared in my thread! Doesn't make you any less interesting. I think I recall people mentioning this isn't your first time on the website. I hope I'm not offending you here but I honest to god don't recall you. You should keep dropping in my thread so we can get to know each other better. You seem like a pretty friendly person! :)
  11. absol heart (Sylvia): You're one of the most upbeat people I've met on this website. Everyone loves you, you're often neutral in arguments or debates, and on top of that you're always so cheerful! It helps put a smile on my face. In addition to your personality being so lovely, you're like? A super good artist? I'm envious of the majority of GTQ but I love your style. It makes me so happy. Beyond the artwork, I respect you wholeheartedly, and I love talking to you. You are so relatable on almost any front. You better not disappear anytime soon because we have a ton of conversations that need to happen at some point, my good friend!
  12. zeronightshade (Rei): First and foremost, I am really glad that you're still around. I know that might sound strange to you, but it's really great to see your username pop up on GTQ or your name on FB. There had been a period when we spoke (and rp'ed) quite a bit. I think that was back when Heph was on more. I wish I could say I was that close to you now, but I'm not. However, this just gives me an opportunity to get to know you "again" if you will. I know I don't do much to talk to you nowadays, but I swear to God (or whatever you believe/disbelieve in) that I'll put forth more effort. You're an extremely interesting guy and you have a lot of hobbies/interests that we share. I also really enjoy reading your literature (stories, poems, etc). You have a gift with words and it's mesmerizing. I do hope that one day, you'll find it within you to write something happy (be it about yourself, the world, whatever). You really do deserve happiness. For now, though, just be yourself. You're pretty cool.
  13. 1714 (Drew): I remember a time when you weren't so down to earth and humble. But I'd like to ignore that, because holy mother of God, you have grown so much. I'm amazed at how far you've come from the years I've known you. I know I personally don't talk to you much, but I've seen/heard a lot of good things. I really do hope that you find a place out there in the real world. I know you've had it pretty bad, and for what it's worth, I'm rooting for you. You should pop in more!
  14. Percie: Long time no see! I haven't seen you since last year at least. We were never really close-close, but I'm glad that you're back on GTQ. I hope life has been treating you well. I remember that GTQ was less gentle, back when we had raging trolls and all of that... I'd like to get to catch up with you sometime. It's always nice to see old users showing up, even at odd times like this.
  15. Annicetta (Adriana): I know that you had a different account before that once, but I can't remember for the life of me what it was! I do remember that I gave you that account. I'm glad that you're treating it well, sweetheart. c: I don't really see you around the Lounge much, but you're a really nice person from what I have seen. I have noticed you're a pretty good roelplayer. Perhaps we should get together and do one sometime. I'd like to get to see you around more. I'll do my best to jump in your threads and talk to you so we can become friends, if that's alright with you!
  16. Jeeshan: I figured you'd be one to show up in the thread that lead up to this quiz! You're a pretty trendy guy, if I do say so myself. You're a pretty cool person. Your selfies make me giggle, if I'm honest. You always look so serious. You should try smiling sometime! I also hope that you're still doing your blogging/news stuff that you started a while back. You have a talent for writing things like that. A lot of people call you annoying, but I think it's just because you're a bit younger than the rest of the population. I'm sure that, over time, you'll start to gain a bit more respect. You should post more often. I'm sure the younger users would get a kick out of you!
  17. DracoMalfoyFan (Destiny): Hey there! You're another user that's been MIA (missing in action) for a while. I'm so glad to see you back and kicking. I recall that we used to talk quite a bit. I can hardly remember much about you, though... I expect to see you around more, whether that's in the Stage (don't think I've seen you in there recently tho), your own thread, or in one of my threads. You're such a nice person and I remember having endearing conversations with you. Do take the time to stop by and say hi, even if it's for a short conversation!
  18. Mac1014: I know that we've been in a few roleplays together, but even then, I don't really know you for the.. Real you, I guess I can say? I'd like to chat with you sometime. You seem like you'd be a fun friends to have. You're a wonderful roleplayer, for what it's worth! :D
  19. I'll be saying a thanks in the credits, but I wanted to drop one here in case you didn't catch it. Thanks for popping in my thread and asking for a shout-out! These were pretty fun to write, even if it took me a long time to write 3-5 sentences per person. I hope to talk to all of you in the super near future if we don't already talk.

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