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  • A note.
    "I'm just curious. I've noticed there's a clique of sorts with people from around the site, mainly interacting with said group and not really..."
  • A note.
    "I know Raiden. I know that they would, and have, apologized to many of the people you mentioned. Those who they have apologized to should kn..."
  • A note.
    "I appreciate it. I also wish for you to apologize Raiden. They have done nothing wrong and I just want xem to feel okay. Thank you."
  • A note.
    "I wish to make it abundantly clear that Rai is not in the wrong. I have been in a really bad place the last little while with the death of m..."
  • "Michael, did you fall of the stage? Yeah"
  • "sEnIoR"
  • "I'm making something to eat!"
  • "Tf beans got to do with it?..."
  • "I mean, either that or... I had beans today... I just realized that..."
  • "I still need a new thread."
  • Welcome to my garden
    "I fixed this for you. Don’t be upset at my sibling. Also I’m really pissed on how your treating my sibling so do better. I wil"
  • A Dance of Deception
    ""Still. I thank you both for this. Seems like we have a mystery on our hands. And, Mona?", he smirked and chuckled. "That was cat-astrophic...."
  • There is no subject.
    "Heh.. 🧡"
  • There is no subject.
    "Less broken. Thank you."
  • There is no subject.
    "I feel so broken. This day is already depressing."

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