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  • General Knowledge
    [published: Oct 10, 2016]

    So I got bored and decided to make yet another quiz. It's been a while. This one is just random questions that…

  • How Dirty Is Your Mind?
    [published: Jun 14, 2014]

    This is a quiz to see if you find these words dirty or not. Very short quiz. It's not that long. You most…

  • Funny quiz number 2
    [published: Jun 13, 2014]

    This is simply a quiz to make you laugh. And the follow in the quiz bellow is entitled Budda. I do hope it…

  • family guy quiz 3
    [published: Jun 13, 2014]

    This is some relatively easy trivia questions. If you're a true fan or just lucky. This quiz with be no…

  • Would you get your face stolen by Koh?
    [published: Apr 13, 2014]

    Aang appealed to Koh for information regarding the Moon and Ocean Spirits, Tui and La,…

  • How much do you know about text speak? Part One
    [published: Dec 8, 2013]

    Welcome to my quiz about text speak. The language most teenagers use today. I…

  • family guy quiz 2
    [published: Dec 1, 2013]

    This is a tough trivia quiz about family guy. So if you think you know the show step on up and give my quiz a…

  • funny quiz number 1
    [published: Dec 1, 2013]

    Analysis: Most folks probably wish they had the gumption to emulate the example above and tell the…

  • Butterfly Effect Quiz
    [published: Nov 30, 2013]


  • Quiz about movies.
    [published: Nov 30, 2013]

    This is a quiz about movies. Try your best and take,Retake. Rate. Suggest to your friends and comment. All…

  • Random quiz about everything
    [published: Oct 9, 2013]

    Warning this quiz isn't random. It is and isn't at the same time. Warning I put a few trick…

  • What's that theme song?(better version of my last one)
    [published: Jun 21, 2013]

    Take this quiz. Don't read this don't read this because its absolute…

  • How much do you know about ant farm?
    [published: Jun 15, 2013]

    Thank you for taking my quiz. I hope you know stuff about any farm if not just simply retake…

  • Are you bored quiz
    [published: Jun 15, 2013]

    No one reads these. What's the point. What is the point ? So don't bother reading this repeat do not bother…

  • Family guy quiz 1
    [published: Jun 14, 2013]

    You know a whole lot more then the last group but I really hope you go study and come back and retake it when…

  • Quiz about TV shows
    [published: Jun 1, 2013]

    Ok because I have to right a paragraph here we go- thank you for taking the quiz I hope you had fun. Please…

  • How much are you like me
    [published: May 31, 2013]

    There are many people that I know many people that don't like me and plenty of people that claim to know…

  • how much do u know about me
    [published: Nov 16, 2011]

    Ok so u wanna take my quiz eh? now excuss me while i say ramdom words Apple pie butterfly peanut…

  • my second quiz coolbeans
    [published: Oct 7, 2011]

    Truth or dare you clara,tykera, elisha eowyn go to jeses pArty and kyle ,dyllan and camron are there and…

  • what is that theam ssong
    [published: Oct 7, 2011]

    There many smart people and many dunderheads out here NO afeance too anybody or anyone nut if your bored…

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