Quiz about movies.

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Created by: dannylover321

  1. What movie did this quote come from? "Well man how was she?" "Lets just say I will be walking funny To-mor-owww!!" [everyone]- WHAT?! "Im drunk,WHAT'S UP b----ESS"
  2. What movie did this quote come from ? "POLICE BRUTALITYYY! POLICE BRUTALITYYYYYYY!"
  3. What is the name of the longest films?
  4. How long is the longest film ? (In minutes.)
  5. How long is the longest film?(in hours and DaYs.)
  6. Where did this quote come from? " The period's not up,Hargenson." 'It is for me.' "[to the other girls] Keep running! [to Chris] Well,there are ten minutes left. "Stick them up your .. [Miss Collins slaps her.] "You can't hit us! You'll get canned for this bįtch. "One more word out of you and I'm gonna knock you down! Do you understand me? "She can't get away with this if we all stick together! Norma? Helen? Sue! [sue] Just shut up,Chris.Just shut up. This isn't over by a long shot! "You are out the prom,Hargenson.Okay, the shows over. In place. Run! One,Two.One,Two.One Two.
  7. What year was the movie "Something Borrowed" made/Released.
  8. What year was the Movie "Madea's Witness Protection" released?
  9. Who is Mabel "Madea" Simmons?
  10. What kind of movie is the movie "The Butterfly effect?"
  11. Shout out AnimePhan. For posting on my thread.
  12. Shout out Unloving.
  13. Shout out Madison.
  14. SHOUTOUT- Josie.

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