Do you know your movies?

There are many people who've watched movies. Many different films have different meaning or actors. Let's put your memory to the test, and hopefully you've heard or seen these movies you're going to have to answer.

Movies are like books, but they're in front of you. Books give more discriptions. Movies look better. Can you remember your movies? Hopefully this quiz will help you find out.

Created by: amazon

  1. In The Sleepy Hallow by Tim Burton, who was one of the 'big stars' acting in it?
  2. In The Nightmare Before Christmas, who is Jack in love with?
  3. In Batman, who is the main character?
  4. In Winnie The Pooh, what is the name of the little pink guy that looks like a pig?
  5. In Dr.Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas (Real people version), who played the Grinch?
  6. In The Hunger Games, how does the game maker die?
  7. In Serenity, Simon asks River,"are you alright, river?" What is her reply?
  8. In The Underworld, what is Selene?
  9. In Twilight, how does Bella find out what Edward is?
  10. In The Matrix, how does Neo leave his normal life and go into the Matrix?
  11. In Super 8, what do the kids see?
  12. In Red, one of the characters hides a gun zipped up in...?
  13. In Mr. & Mrs. Smith, how do the two meet?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my movies?