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Everybody likes to watch movies. But what about the movie characters? In this quiz all the characters are awesome and played by awesome actresses. Can you match them right?

I like to watch movies all the time. Especially action or heroic blood shed movies. I created this quiz while watching 13 ghosts. My favourite actress is Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Created by: AquaWinter

  1. In which movie Megan Fox starred as MIKAELA BANES?
  2. In which movie Jessica Biel starred as LT.KARA WADE
  3. In which movie Vanessa Hudgens starred as GABRIELLA MONTEZ?
  4. In which movie Angelina Jolie starred as FOX, an accomplished member of the fraternity.
  5. In which move Scarlett Johansson starred as SILKEN FLOSS, a femme fatale secretary and preversely innocent acomplice to the octopus, only slightly more sane than he is.
  6. In which movie Charlize Theron starred as STELLA BRIDGER, a safecracker who uses technology to crack safes for various agencies?
  7. In which movie Eva Mendes starred as ROXANNE SIMPSON?
  8. In which movie Jessica Alba starred as NANCY CALLAHAN, an exotic dancer?
  9. In which move Lindsay Lohan starred as CADY HERON?
  10. In which movie Natalie Portman starred as ALICE AYRES?

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