What government are you? A Fun Quiz

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Welcome to my quiz called What government are you? A Fun Quiz, this test is only for fun, please do not take the results of this quiz seriously guys!!

This test is only for fun, this test is not meant to be taken seriously, there are 23 questions in total, your answers will determine what government you are, so feel free to answer however you want!!

Created by: HelloPeoples234

  1. As future ruler of Ravineland, what family do you want to be born into?
  2. You plan to start a political party soon. Who will lead it?
  3. What will you call your political party?
  4. When will you form your party
  5. What ministerial departments will be in your party?
  6. What will you do as leader of Ravineland?
  7. Who will control the media?
  8. How many rights will the people of Ravineland have?
  9. Will the citizens have free movement?
  10. Will Ravineland have a military?
  11. What do you think of the USA as a superpower?
  12. Will citizens be allowed to vote on important matters affecting the country and the government?
  13. Will your citizens have free speech?
  14. Where will you reside as leader of the Ravineland government?
  15. Will your citizens respect you?
  16. Who will lead the country in times of crisis or war?
  17. What is your stance on your rival countries?
  18. What would you do if your government was removed from power by a military government?
  19. Would you be a great leader?
  20. Will your government have a census?
  21. Will you have the occasional cabinet meeting?
  22. What are your goals as leader of Ravineland?
  23. Will your government be über cool?

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