What type of government are you?

This quiz will determine what type of government you are for Ravineland, this quiz is only for fun, do not take these results seriously please people.

If you take these results seriously then what the heck is wrong with you people, so do NOT TAKE THESE RESULTS SERIOUSLY GUYS, any way rant over enjoy this fun quiz.

Created by: KD

  1. You and your political party are now super popular.Do you want to run the country of Ravineland one day?
  2. As leader of Ravineland, what will the first law be that you will pass as leader?
  3. How would you rule over your citizens?
  4. As leader will your citizens get rights?
  5. Will your government have a military?
  6. Will your country respect you?
  7. Will your citizens have free speech?
  8. Will citizens have free movement?
  9. Who will control the media?
  10. Who will decide on important decisions of the country?

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Quiz topic: What type of government am I?