Would you get your face stolen by Koh?

Aang appealed to Koh for information regarding the Moon and Ocean Spirits, Tui and La, where Koh warned the Avatar of impending danger the spirits faced. When Aang asked for their location in the mortal world, the old spirit did not provide a clear answer and merely stated that they were opposites, forever revolving.

When he told Aang that he had already met the spirits, the Face Stealer barely missed Aang's expression of epiphany when he realized that the identities of Tui and La were the koi fish in the Spirit Oasis.

Created by: dannylover321

  1. When speaking with Koh, what will your expression be?
  2. When speaking with Koh, will your Facial Expression change?
  3. Do you think Koh would want to steal your face?
  4. How does one get the face stolen by Koh anyway?
  5. How do you avoid getting your face stolen?
  6. How do you keep your face?
  7. Do you like your face?
  8. Would you ever give up your face or purpose?
  9. Would you get your face stolen by Koh?
  10. Are you ready to speak to Koh?

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Quiz topic: Would you get my face stolen by Koh?