High school musical ( my style ) Pt. 5

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see tis part came out at last. i didn't get much time, we have annual celebrationDay at schools today at nearly 5 pm. I have the 3rd lead role in Merchant of Venice.

The player starteed to dribble. Lost the ball. I saw the angry scowl on his face. His face. No! He had the face the face in my drawing! "it's him", I shrieked, grabbing for Adriana.

Created by: iknowiamgr8

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  1. " Where's my guitar!???" search somewhere else! Adam said. there was so much chaos. Andreww could borrow another one from the storeroom, but it was his faviriote one.. he did every song on that same guitar!
  2. You all searched everywhere, but you couldn't find it! After much persuation Andrew agreed to borrow another one from the storeroom. You went there and asked the incharge. he gave you a guitar which was better than Andrew's but still andrew didn't look happy. The incharge gave a lrge package to you and said " The IceStormers left you this!" you opened it and founnd,...
  3. Ther was Andrew's guitar.. but in a broken condition!!!
  4. andrew was too shoked, everyone was too. after long silence Andrew said "Now we have to win this compitition.. for my guitar, and for are hard earned reputation" Yuo all agreed in some stupid sort of way i can't describe!
  5. You all practiced really hard and and took just a minutes of rest before the real beat! Now the time came to prove your self ! when you were practicing for the last time alone in your room Sean burst in and said" ____, just wanted to wish you luck before the performance!" You smiled at him. He came closer and kissed you softly.
  6. Now yuo were backstage.. you knew you could easily get above the other bands.. but you had to beat your true rivals. It was their turn now and after that yours! They didn't do as well!
  7. Hk.. your turn to rock the stage1
  8. You got on the stage , people were cheering for you! The judges were looking as if they knew you were going to win. You all took your places and Bella started the beat, and you started singing. Adam was looking through one of the wings, smiling at you and gave you a thumbs up. andrew was looking worried with the new the new worried.
  9. After your hard worked performence people were cheering loudly, the jugdes seemed as if to say that you've won! There was noway the Ice stormers could beat you! noway1 no way! NO WAY...
  10. The judge came on the stage and said;
  11. bye bye

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