Random quiz about everything

Warning this quiz isn't random. It is and isn't at the same time. Warning I put a few trick questions in. If you get a 100 I will be impressed. Really.

Please enjoy the quiz, take it,retake,rate,comment, and please no rude comments. Please don't be offended,if I put your name in the quiz or if I didn't.

Created by: dannylover321

  1. This is a test type quiz. Question one - who is the main character in ant farm?
  2. Who's considered the smartest character in the Simpsons?
  3. What character in the Simpsons has saved more life's then the chief?
  4. What's my fav book?
  5. What's my fav show?
  6. What's my fav animated TV show?
  7. What's my fav anime ?
  8. Who's the main characters in family guy?
  9. Which one is better? (Choose the last lollipop.)
  10. Do you think you will get an 100% on this random quiz?
  11. What's the name of the chief ?
  12. Did you know that coffee.. Makes you high?
  13. Shout out: keturah. Your awesome. Keep being awesome. And remember. Drop all bull-- like it's hot.
  14. Shout out: Br0wnieBunny Your nice, and thank you for being mature. Keep it up. (Tell your sister I said feel better.)
  15. What's the name of the first chapter in my book that I posted the preface of on GTQ?
  16. Who is Barbara 'Babs' Pewterschmidt?
  17. Who voices Barbara 'Babs' Pewterschmidt?
  18. Dear keturah, I'm sorry you had to leave GTQ. Try to enjoy a almost drama free life. Keep in touch we love you! ~dS.sR
  19. What time zone do I live in?
  20. How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  21. What's my friends pipers fav color?
  22. What's my fav number ?
  23. How do you say said number in Spanish?
  24. What's the country of orgin for "Total Drama AllStars?"
  25. Is my friend piper addicted to instagram ?
  26. Who is Klaus Heisler?
  27. What was Klaus's former occupation?
  28. Who vocies klaus ?
  29. Last question. Who are on my list of awesome people top 3?(don't get offended if your not on here.)
  30. Goodbye. Expect a shout out quiz .(click B)

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