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"Family Guy" is an animated comedy starring Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green, and Mila Kunis. The show revolves on a family of six, the Griffins, and their misadventure in the town of Quahog, Rhode Island. This show is famously known for cutaway scenes, a running gag which results in brief and random flashbacks once a certain character is reminded of a past incident.

Please make sure you know your "Family Guy" stuff. If you do not, then you'll fail miserably. This is just a forewarning, so do not be alarmed. Have a blast!

Created by: smartgirl115
  1. Where did Peter get the phrase "Road House" from?
  2. What does Peter do every time he says that phrase? (This is based on the previous question)
  3. According to the episode "Padre de Familia", what Spanish-speaking country was Peter born in?
  4. Name the pilot episode of "Family Guy"?
  5. Stewie's middle name is...
  6. In the episode "The Blind Side", why did Peter repeatedly fall down the stairs?
  7. Which "Road to..." episode featured Brian and Stewie only?
  8. Who is revealed to be the murderer in "And Then There Were Fewer"?
  9. Peter's biological father, Mickey McFinnigan, is what nationality?
  10. What happened to Cleveland that sparked "The Cleveland Show", the spin-off to "Family Guy"?
  11. Last question: I am thinking of a word, and it is NOT kitty. Can you guess what the word is?

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