which of the family guy characters are you?

most teenagers watch family guy. d you like one of the characters? well take this quiz to find out which one you are. you could be stewie,or meg,chris,brian,peter or lois.

so go ahead. take this quiz. i hope you had fun cause its so cool. i love you people out there. because you guys are my favorite people of the world. of course all of the you guys are cool.

Created by: i love family guy
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  1. what do you want to do to lois?
  2. do you like it when meg gets teased by connie?
  3. do you like it when stewie wants pancakes?
  4. which character do you like best?
  5. does peter has a gross chin?
  6. what do you want stewie to say to lois?
  7. do you think she likes to have a job at flappy jacks?
  8. who do you like better?
  9. what do you want to kill stewie with?
  10. what do you like the character?

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Quiz topic: Which of the family guy characters am I?