Which member in my family are you?

There are alot of different people in this world. Well check out my family! This quiz is about who you'd be and who'd you get along with well in my family! But in my house were all individuals (eh go us take that Avril Lavigne!). But by doing this quiz you can find out what we like and what we enjoy! Well I hope you have fun! enjoy!

Are you a rock chick? or are you a metalhead who's obsessed with makeup? Well come check out my quiz about my family!!! There are lots of different questions and answers chucked in here! Are you the type of person who worships the worlds most disliked rock chick? or are you a doof doof head? Well in just a sec youll find out who youd be in my family!

Created by: m.c

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Who are your fav bands/music?
  2. Who do you idolize?
  3. What are your fav shows?
  4. Do you hate animal cruelty?
  5. What's your style?
  6. fav movies?
  7. fav thing to do?
  8. Fav animals?
  9. fav colours?
  10. who do you think is hot?
  11. What is priceless to you?

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Quiz topic: Which member in my family am I?