Are You a MineCraft Pro?

There are many people who game few pro gamers are to be had ima test you to be a pro minecrafter dont say i sound like gladdos or anything im just in the mood for testing wtf i realy do sound like gladdos

Are YOU a minecraft pro? Do you have what it takes to be a pro minecraft gamer? well find out here and turn into a minecraft pro or even a master or a bad ass minecraft pro

Created by: Storse123

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  1. what type of spider can poison you?
  2. what coler is an endermens eyes? (when hes mad and normal)
  3. can you sprint is the 1.8 update?
  4. can food stack in minecraft?
  5. how much can you stack something?
  6. how m uch hits does it take to kill a hostile with a diamond sword
  7. how many hits does it take to kill a endermen with a diamond sword?
  8. whats the f***ed up and creepy record in minecraft 1.9 prereleased
  9. what happens when your hunger bar runs out?
  10. how much diamonds does it take to make a diamond chest plate

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Quiz topic: Am I a MineCraft Pro?