how long could you survive a minecraft creeper horde?

many people play with inventory edits or play on peaceful. that leaves about 10% who play legitly. If you are one, congrats already! keep playing fellow player!

do you have what it takes to survive minecraft... are you a true master? Not many people passed. I'll give you that. thank you for takeing my quiz. I was bored.

Created by: cayl
  1. What did you buy minecraft to do?
  2. What is the scariest thing about minecraft?
  3. what is your skin
  4. what is your inventory like?
  5. what do you usually kill creepers with?
  6. When you open your door and a creeper is there, what is your first reaction?
  7. how much TNT have you crafted?
  8. how many creepers have you ever seen at one time?
  9. what difficulty do you play on?
  10. within 2 hours of playing minecraft, how many times do you die on average?
  11. what is the thing that kills you the most in minecraft?

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