who are you in minecraft?

Lets see who you are in minecraft are you wolf or spider? or any other? go into this quiz and see who you are in the world of minecraft I wish you good luck!

But really are you a ture minecrafter to you spend most of your time playing this game but in a few secounds you will expirence a true master of minecraft!

Created by: Anna

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Fav color?
  2. Which is the best to say about you?
  3. FAV thing in minecraft {on list}
  4. Fav mob?
  5. FAV food in minecraft? I like cookies they are very very yummy!
  6. herobrain:hello don't run I have a question! it is...do you like me or ender.{ender is the enderdragon! Ender:yeah you better pick me or...I will blast you will my breath!
  7. ???????:I have a quesssstion itssssss very interssssting Wolf:just shhhh cree ???????:SHHHHHH don't spoil my name! wolf:sorry cre I mean dude? ???????:ok good so my quesssstion is do you like me a awesome cre never mind or...wolf! ha he is afried of me anyway!
  8. So I am back with my questions so...My question is...if you could choose which group you could go in what would it be?
  9. Sooo...could you guess ??????? name? he is mean and a mistake
  10. ??????? is creeper and one last question do you like minecraft

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Quiz topic: Who am I in minecraft?