how much do you know about minecraft

this is the minecraft quiz. if you don't know about minecraft, its a video game that is extremely popular and for good reason. in the game, you create the story and you can build pretty much anything. i suggest you try the game

but are YOU a minecraft noob or expert. find out here. this quiz only takes a few minutes to take to find out. these questions are hard, you have been warned.

Created by: silverlightning985

  1. how many diamonds dose it take to make a full set of diamond armor?
  2. how many bosses are in minecraft (not counting mods)?
  3. what is a spider jockey?
  4. who is the crater of minecraft?
  5. how many gold ingots dose it take to make a enchanted golden apple? (hint:it takes 8 gold blocks, and 1 block is 9 gold ingots)
  6. can a blaze rod heat a furnace?
  7. how far can a redstone signal go before fading?
  8. can you dye leather armor?
  9. how did the creeper come to be?
  10. what game inspired the enderman?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about minecraft