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  • Josh 2019,
    You still haven't reached diamond? Ha
    The end
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    hi past me
    wow youre not dead
    hope youre not depressed like always you lil onion
    k bye lol oof
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    Yoi Morgan Junior
    I highly doubt that I will b alive in 2020 or on this site but who cares....I JUST WANNA SAY U f---ED UP BIG TIME IN 2017. Oh well hope ur still livin in ky along with playing the french horn and saxophone. Also playing softball..... Well... thats all I got....
    P.S. Hope ur not dead yet.... and try to find yourself a bf... and hopefully i turn out half way decent after all im ugly af right now!
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    JaneDoe Senior
    Dear Andi,

    You're typing this on your phone at almost 11:00 at night. You have school tomorrow morning and you're bone tired, but it feels right to get this down now.

    First of all, I want to tell you how f---ing happy you are right now. It might not last, and that's okay, so much can change in a year. But right now, for the first time in way too long, you have everyone you care about by your side again. Don't take them for granted, because you want all of them. You care deeply about all of them.

    Next Friday, you'll see your big sister for the first time in a while. She's been going through a rough patch, but remember what you told her about things being good. You have to push through it because your life isn't the only one you're a part of. There are people here -on site and off- that need you. So many people that love you. Also you have a dog and you can't leave her alone, no matter who you've made promise to take care of her.

    Things are a big scary right now, but it's okay. Everything is changing. Plans are constantly shifting and you feel a bit unsteady, but I hope you managed to focus on your schoolwork and push through. I know. You hate it. But it'll be worth it. You can teach and write, and then you can write and direct. Make everyone proud and blow away expectations. I know you can.

    I don't know where you are write now. Still home? Orlando, with your sisters? Pensacola, with Parys? Somewhere else? Are you happy? Are you warm? Is Athena with you, do you have a significant other? Are you in college yet, did you take a year/semester off? Whatever the answers are, I hope you're happy. That's the biggest thing.

    A few things for you:

    Right now, your favorite non-kpop song is I Wanna get Better by the Bleachers.

    Your favorite Kpop song is still Tomorrow, Today by JJProject. I hope you keep listening to music. It makes you happy.

    Please drink more water/juice and less soda. Gain back all that weight you lost and talk to your mom about getting back on anti-depressants and iron supplements. I love you. Take care of yourself.

    Andi, 1/15/2018
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    Raven_ Experienced
    Dear Raven,

    Stay lame. Remember the future you want, and always keep your head up high. Even when the rain is holding it down. Never let anyone change or get the best of you. Also, stay strong and lead a wonderful life for us. For, we want to be happy. :) <3 Love, you know who. Lol.
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    ello Advanced
    Hey future f--. Right now, we are so confused. There is Yai, then Jam, and best of all Em. Me and Yai are on a string, will probably be done within a month. My feelings for Jam went away once i started dating again, so Ive started sleeping m
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    ello Advanced
    Ore. But my feelings for Emily have sparked again. Jeez i feel like im praying. I hope you are not dead, because we still got those six final heart pieces! Anyways, i hope you got your s--- together. See ya In hell, loser.
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    Kalafina Senior
    Dear Future Tima,

    You are in s--- hole right now, and you can't stand your school. They can't teach and they don't know what they're doing. I hope you magically transfer. However, the move isn't so bad, you like it in Malaysia but you hate your school and the racism.
    Also you're going through a lot of family s--- and issues, so I hope that clears up by 2018. I hope you find someone who makes you happy by then too 😏 . You are improving in art, and you might want to get into fashion designing and modeling. So that's an option.
    You have made friends already, so I hope you stay close with them, and never forget your friends in the U.S.

    Current Art:

    Current Appearance:

    That's it, I hope things get better~
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    Kalafina Senior
    *Whoops, 2019
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    Luv myself Experienced
    Hi Aubrey! How ya doing? It's me, yourself from years ago. Right now I'm almost 15, about to be eligible for a permit (at last!). By the time you are reading this, you'll probably be driving all over the place.
    But I just want to say a quick thing.
    Whatever happens, always keep in touch with Cassidy and Kaniya. You must keep the promise you promised them long ago. Also, don't be afraid to reject a guy you don't like. I'm sure you remember the time with Josh.
    Anyways, that's all I have to say!
    Always remember to protect the innocents, and never grow up!

    Have a fun time being 16!

    (You and I both know what that's from!)
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    The Coldest Sun Hot Shot
    It's cool y'all, like I said, this one will probably stay buried until 2020.
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    Hickssky Novice
  • menhera Newbie
    I hope I'm finally happy in the future
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    CamilaFan1997 Novice
    I hope I have a job by this time. Good luck in life and try your best :)
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    Maruicea Advanced
    i don't know what to say to you anymore
    why are you still here?? you have failed in life and probably wont be alive in whatever the f--- year it is this opens next
    no one likes you or cares about you anymore lol honeslty you might aswell give up all hope now
    theres people out there who have actually got a point in life and have actually bothered to change their lives for better
    but you. you pathetic human what have you done to make yourself at least feel that tiny bit good about yourself?? absolf---inglutely nothing
    oh well haha enough ranting i guess
    just, if for an extremely rare reason that youre still alive, please just please dont f--- up more than you already have

    thanks and lots of love and hugs aww
    from me ❤❤❤❤

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