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    "Damn its been a month already and it was when I pulled an all nighter lol"
  • No Subject
    "Nvm not anymore. The moment I saw the sun my body woke up"
  • No Subject
    "Kinda regret pulling the all nighter"
  • "That is a very well deserved vacation"
  • "So far I'm deciding based on which class I do the best in. I'm not sure yet on what to do tho, maybe like work at a lab at a hospital. Total..."
  • "😨 old man go file ur taxes or pay the mortgage idk Lmao its fine I don't think I told anyone here what I'm doing. I'm doing mo"
  • "Awh :( well we're gonna get old with him so he's not alone Ooo interesting. I'm sure you'll enjoy it :) I'm enjoying mine so I"
  • No Subject
    "Only thing going through my mind rn is GAS LAWS GAS LAWS GAS LAWS"
  • "What you gonna study for if you're gonna get that nice fat debt that'll haunt you"
  • "How do u feel that he became a boomer about 2 days ago. He's growing up too fast 😢"
  • br0wnie
    "Happy Birthday"
  • No Subject
    "Mc fun"
  • No Subject
    "What's cooking"
  • No Subject
    "I didn't know about the phrase "swimmingly" until my SO said it and it's my favorite now bc of how goofy it sounds"
  • "Slayyy as you should"

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