Call of Duty Zombies Trivia Quiz (Part 1)

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I have a huge passion for this mode. I grew up playing it. Now I'm making quizzes about it to see if others have the same passion as I do, for this mode.

Part 1 should be simple stuff. If you find this quiz easy, then don't worry. Part 2 will be much harder. Stay tuned if you ace this. If you don't get a 100, don't fret. Everyone starts somewhere.

Created by: Typical Normie
  1. What was the first map ever created that introduced us to the mode?
  2. Which map contains the four elemental staffs?
  3. In Origins, who is being saved from Agartha?
  4. When you walk into the fog in the map Tranzit, what do you encounter?
  5. This Wonder Weapon appears in only two maps. When you first grab it you shove your whole fist into the thing. When shot it shoots a black hole, sucking anything in its path. What's the name of the Wonder Weapon?
  6. Which map has the Easter Egg called "Richtofen's Grand Scheme"?
  7. Which map introduced us the four original perks? (Juggernog, Quick Revive, Double Tap, and Speed Cola)
  8. What do the Space Monkeys mainly do in Ascension?
  9. Who are the four characters we play as in the map Five?
  10. In Mob of the Dead, what do you feed zombies to, to gain access to the Hell's Retriever?
  11. What map introduced us the Pack A Punch machine?

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