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Welcome to the only Enneagram passion test available! There are different ways we deal with our weaknesses. Some will simply act upon them, while others will try to act in an opposite way to counter them. You may already know about the phobic 6, who are almost always convincing themselves that they're destined to fail, unlike the counterphobic 6, who tries to act against their core passion, fear, instead of acting along with it. This leads them to aggressively face their problems, unlike the phobic 6.

This still leaves the question of why the Six alone would have this dual characteristic. To solve this dilemma, some Enneagram authors have argued that there is a counterpassion version of each type. This test will determine your passion type, however, you might actually be a counterpassion type; for this reason, the test is meant to be taken in conjunction with the Enneagram Counterpassion Test. Whichever result gets the higher percentage is you.

Created by: Ezekiel

  1. I become irritated and judgmental, nitpicking others’ wrongdoings.
  2. I aggressively attack those who reject my advances, and develop a martyr complex.
  3. I do anything to convince myself and others that I'm doing "fine" and even thriving, including telling fake stories and experiences to protect my image.
  4. I am self-loathing and struggle with a poor self-esteem, but I go to great lengths and explore avant-garde concepts to differentiate myself from the crowd.
  5. I withdraw into isolation and reclusiveness, avoiding others, often for weeks.
  6. I experience cold sweats and a racing pulse, convince myself that I'm destined to fail, and struggle with debilitating worries about myself and my future.
  7. I use stimulants to excessive extents, behave recklessly, and put myself in dangerous situations for the sake of the thrill, paying more attention to pleasure than health.
  8. I am forceful when dealing with others, adopting black-and-white thinking: it's with me or against me, while possessing a superiority complex.
  9. I possess an indifferent outlook towards life, completely detaching from reality, all while experiencing chronic procrastination, lethargy, and indolence, repressing anger and frustration, and struggling to stand up for myself or even realize my own true desires.
  10. When facing my weaknesses, I...

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