Enneagram Triads V2

The enneagram is a self-contained system of personality and self-improvement that attempts to uncover unconscious fixations and maladaptive coping patterns.

This quiz attempts to identify your most likely core type based on the intersections of triad groups. It is not designed to give tritypings. Your core type should be one of the top three results.

Created by: Hawthorne
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  1. Which essential quality do you feel is most out of balance?
  2. How do you compensate for your lack of balance?
  3. Which of the following drives gets the most of your conscious focus?
  4. Which problems plague you?
  5. How do you see to your needs?
  6. How do you contribute to a project?
  7. How do you respond when your needs aren't being met?
  8. How do you deal with conflict?
  9. How do you convince others that you are right?
  10. When it comes to conflict resolution, what often gets in your way?
  11. How do you typically relate to others?
  12. How do you determine what is important to you?
  13. What do you try to hide from both yourself and others.

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