How much do you know about NXT?

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NXT is a development show that's part of the WWE, and is praised for having better quality matches/storylines than the Main Roster (Raw and Smackdown)

But test your knowledge of NXT in this short, quick quiz! Might not be the most accurate and might not cover the whole history of the show, but it'll get the job done

Created by: Typical Normie
  1. Who is the first ever North American Champion?
  2. Who costed Aleister Black the match which made him lose the NXT Championship to Tommaso?
  3. Who is the current General Manager of NXT?
  4. Which three teams competed in the first ever NXT WarGames?
  5. Who was undefeated throughout their whole NXT run?
  6. Who's "The Top One Percent"?
  7. Which women had the longest NXT Women's Championship reign?
  8. Which current NXT wrestler is highly appreciated for their high flying moves?
  9. In which NXT Takeover did Aleister Black win the NXT Championship, and from who?
  10. Who challenged Adam Cole for a match in NXT: Takeover Brooklyn 4 for the North American Championship?
  11. Who had the longest NXT Championship reign?
  12. Who was the first ever NXT Champion?
  13. Which commentator is known for their catchphrase "Mamma Mia?"

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about NXT?