What's your best quality?

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Well thanks so much for taking this quiz, wonder if you're doing it for lack of other things to do, pure interest on your best quality, or for fun. Or maybe all three?

Anyway, you will be finding out about your best quality. But don't be unhappy if you don't get something you want, I'm sure you have many other great qualities, this is just what others love most about you.

Created by: Moonlight
  1. You failed your end-year exam, and you:
  2. If you found Santa in your home, you'd:
  3. You arrive late and your teacher asks you for an excuse:
  4. If you could have a superpower,
  5. Would you rather:
  6. Should cloning be allowed in both animals and humans?
  7. Your friends are fighting, so you:
  8. Would be ever be late for a date?
  9. Would you dress up for a date?
  10. If you dress up for a party, you'd wear:

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Quiz topic: What's my best quality?