How well do you know about WWE Divas Championship?

WWE Diva's Championship is a women's title in WWE. The word 'DIVA' refers the female athletes in WWE. It debuted in Smackdown then moved to Raw when the reigning champion got drafted to Raw. It is unified with Woman's Championship and now acessible both on Raw and Smackdown.

You don't have to be genious to answer these questions. It is very simple basic questions. I've been watching wwe since i was 10 and i'm a big fan of it. My all-time favourite Diva's Champions are, Michelle McCool, Maryse and Brie Bella.

Created by: Ronnie_Sharon

  1. Which diva defeated Natalya at The Great American Bash in 2008 to become the inaugural WWE Divas Champion?
  2. Which diva holded the championship for 216 days to become the longest reigning WWE Divas Champion in the history?
  3. Which diva holds the shortest reign in the title's history at less than a day?
  4. Which one of these divas who had never won the WWE Divas Championship?
  5. Which one of these divas had never won the title more than once?
  6. Which diva defeated WWE Woman's Champion Melina to unite the WWE Woman's and Diva's Championship to become the first ever WWE Unified Divas Champion?
  7. Which diva defeated Gail Kim in the finals of the 8divas tournament to win the Divas Championship after WWE Divas Champion Melina vacated the title due to injury?
  8. Which diva defeated the longest reigning WWE Divas Champion at Night Of Champions 2009? And who did she defeat to end the reign at 216days?
  9. Which diva did former WWE Diva's Champion Melina defeated to win back her divas title which she never lost (she vacated the title due to injury whe she was the reigning champion) at Summerslam 2010?
  10. Who is the first ever diva in the history to hold both WWE Women's and Diva's Championship?
  11. Which team did unofficially called themselves as Co- Diva's Champions holding two diva's titles and who are they?
  12. Who is the current reigning WWE Diva's Champion?
  13. How many divas have won the WWE Divas Championship? And how many title reigns have been accomplished between them?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know about WWE Divas Championship?