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  • Are we soul mates?
    [published: Jun 28, 2016]

    Find out if you and I were meant to be. There's really nothing else to say, cause the title says it all.…

  • Are you a Yandere pro?
    [published: Jun 7, 2016]

    Ok title says it all bla bla. I hope you like Yandere simulator. Its a bit gory, but who cares right! The…

  • My 2nd shout out quiz
    [published: Jun 6, 2016]

    Hi. So I've met a lot of people since the last Shout Out quiz. I love all my friends, and just because you…

  • Do you know your fnaf parodies
    [published: May 16, 2016]

    Alrighty title says it all. Fnaf parodies are awesome yada yada. Have fun please comment or rate.…

  • How well do you know your Minecraft parodies?
    [published: Apr 17, 2016]

    Yo, this one right here. This is for all the epic mod creators The map…

  • Summer in Gravity Falls (part one)
    [published: Apr 9, 2016]

    Soos:Hey there dudes. You are now on board the bus beaver. You will be going from y/t (your…

  • My own Shoutout quiz
    [published: Apr 8, 2016]

    Hey there my first shout out quiz. Let me know what you think thank you bla the next paragraph is random so…

  • How well do you know Popular MMOs?
    [published: Apr 5, 2016]

    Popular MMOs I'd just that. Popular. They are a YouTube channel with many followers. I can't…

  • I know you're age.
    [published: Mar 26, 2016]

    Hi. Welcome to my mystical tent of telepathy. I will read your mind and predict your age. I was born with this…

  • Are you a Gravity Falls pro?
    [published: Mar 25, 2016]

    Hey. Okay so I love Gravity Falls. It's my favorite show. It's sad that it ended after two seasons…

  • Level me up quiz
    [published: Mar 23, 2016]

    Hi I want to be a junior so yeah. Bla bla yeah I am awesome and all so yeah soy okay. hi plus 1,000 5000…

  • Would you survive if you were sucked into Minecraft?
    [published: Mar 15, 2016]

    Are you a Minecraft pro? Find out in my first story quiz. Note that this is…

  • Does your crush like you back?
    [published: Mar 12, 2016]

    Everyone will have a crush sooner or later. (If you don't have one, then I suggest you leave)…

  • What type of nerd are you?
    [published: Mar 8, 2016]

    There are nerds geeks freaks and dorks. This is for nerds only so if you are not a nerd, please leave.…

  • What is your personallity?
    [published: Mar 5, 2016]

    Hi! Luv myself here. Lots of people wonder how many people think about there personality. What is it…

  • How well do you know My little pony
    [published: Mar 3, 2016]

    My Little Pony is a popular show rated for ages 5-12. You may watch it a few times, but do…

  • Which glitter force character are you?
    [published: Mar 3, 2016]

    Hi! The Glitter Force is a popular anime created by Netflix. When 5 girls are grouped…

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