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Thread Topic: I need advice

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    Luv myself Advanced
    So let’s say I’m dating someone who I really really love and can see a future with, and he feels the same about me. But he wants to be in the military. I have nothing against that, but I just couldn’t live with it if I had a husband who left for the war for months, maybe even years at a time. What do I do?
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    dannylover321 Senior
    Oh s--- that’s a tough one.

    What would he do if it was reversed?
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    DaughterOfApollo Hot Shot
    Okay, first off: what branch of the military? Coast Gaurd and Air Force don't usually deploy people. Army and Marines are the foot soldiers that you're probably thinking about and Navy mainly stays out at sea, but I think they also have foot soldiers. Both of my parents were in the Air Force and my brother just recently joined the Air Force too and I have several family members in the Navy and one in the Army. It also depends on what job he decides to take. So after you take the ASVAB, it lets you know which jobs you're best suited for, and you get to choose which one you want. (If he chooses an intelligence job, then he's most likely not going to get deployed) Once you go in, you usually have to be on active duty for four years (sometimes it's six because if you're doing a job translating languages or something, then the military will be like "hey, we'll pay you more if you stay in for another two years"). Also, you get to decide what base you want to be sent to (but it is possible that you won't get the one that you'll want). Hopefully this helped~

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